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BYD Yuan & S2

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Chinese media already published photo of upcoming BYD compact SUV which will be launched to domestic car market this year.

BYD announced the arrival of several more SUV's at the ceremony on January 21st. The news was already mentioned at CCF.
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Re: BYD Yuan pure electric (BYD6440SBEV)

Yuan pure-electric with slightly different "grille":

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BYD S2 EV360 (Yuan EV refresh)

The S2 is a slightly refreshed version of the Yuan EV. By relocating the tailgate-mounted spare wheel, officially its length has been "reduced" to 4100 mm instead of 4360 mm for the Yuan (I'm sure some articles will say this is a "shorter" version of the Yuan).

The Yuan EV itself isn't going away though, since BYD will be presenting the EV500 soon:


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