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Here's the way reported back on 7/18/16:
(Carsten) Breitfeld said the company is evaluating two different paths for production. One is to build up its own factory, and the other is "to do contract manufacturing" because "there's a lot of production capacity stored in China".

And, further to the FAW tie-up is this report:
"The suspension is set to last six months, closely held Byton told staff in an email seen by Bloomberg News."
This is according to:

And this is just the fate of two larger well funded start-ups, that I had come to regard as among the high rollers. So what can we now expect of the smaller operations? It's going to be a rough ride ahead on all fronts.
On a brighter NEV note, FAW still does have Sitech.
Thanks Leo for the closer look at the suspension circumstances.
As for Foxconn and Tencent, they had dropped out as investors in early 2017 and were replaced by Leaguer Auto and Jinheng Investments. These were then followed by Suning, Fullshare Holdings, FAW, TUS Holdings, Contemporary Amperex Technology, Jiangsu Belt & Road Fund, CATL, Nanjing Qiningfeng New Energy Industry Investment Fund, Marubeni, and Nanning Municipal Gov’t.
And in addition to those BMW engineering roots you mentioned were Infinity, Honda, Renault, Ford, Tesla and Apple.
As for BMW veteran, Carsten Breitfield, I wonder if he saw any writing on the wall last year.
Here again with Byton like Bordrin, as Erik says, we have a lot of Byton, Huali and Myoungshin workers who will be left jobless. Where's the accountability in all of it, Mr. Feng ?
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Hard to tell what that is, LSEV. Reports were that Byton set up that Silicon Valley office for R&D of autonomous vehicles.
It's too bad that investors FAW and Foxconn couldn't get along well enough to get Byton back on its feet.
In 2019 China Daily told us Byton already had 50,000 orders for the M-Byte model, half of them from overseas .
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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