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The M-Byte has become available for pre-registration at zero cost in the Netherlands.

Large dealer group Louwman (mainly associated with Toyota/Lexus) will take care of delivery and service.

Three versions available
RWD, 200 kW motor, 72 kWh battery, 360 km range (WLTP)
RWD, 300 kW motor, 95 kWh battery, 460 km range
AWD, 300 kW motor, 95 kWh battery, 435 km range

Deliveries to start second half of 2021. Prices are yet unknown, but base version expected at €45.000 (which would be about 10% cheaper than the base Tesla Model Y).
I don't know if it's interesting, but attached is Byton's email to its personnel. (As posted by Dkurac on twitter).

It's a shame all those big name investors (Foxconn, Tencent, FAW, CATL, iirc) apparantly let Byton stumble over a liquidity problem just as they go to market. It is (was?) probably one of the more promising startups, with interesting ideas about connectivity etc. And probably an acceptable brand in the Western markets due to its BMW engineering roots. I hope they'll find a way out of this.


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The last thing I've read is pretty much inline with dmitra's post above. Apparantly a rescue plan put forward by FAW has been approved the other shareholders. The plan entails:
-Setting up a new Shengteng Automobile, probably to get rid of some debt;
-Hongqi people will evaluate the M-Byte and re-engineer it to make it cheaper to produce;
-1/3 of the Nanjing factory capacity will be used to produce electric Hongqi's.

I haven't seen any official confrmation.

Last week, a Dutch website showed some patent drawings of a new Byton with sliding doors. (some pics attached).


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1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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