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Car sales Statistic

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Does anybody know figures of production and selling /export passenger cars in China? (for 2006 /05)

It seems to me that now they have deficit of cars in their national market, I found that in the 1st quater it was about 53.9%:eek: growth of internal selling.

If it's reall so
Does China think of export?:rolleyes:
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I think you mean that since first quarter growth this year was so strong, maybe there isn't capacity for export?

There is a lot of new capacity coming on line in the next few years. Also, there is a difference between theoretical capacity of machinery, and what a company is actually organised to produce within a short period such as a quarter. So it could be that if sales in a quarter jumps, you will see production shortfall, with the difference made up either by consuming previous finished goods or else some delay in delivery.

But over a period, there is and will be capacity available for export. I think.
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