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SINGAPORE : Cars from China are making their presence felt at the Singapore Motorshow this year.

Distributors of two sedans are confident Singaporeans will take to their latest imports.

Group Exklusiv has brought in Geely, a 1.5-litre car that comes with standard features found in most similar makes.

The car is the second Chinese car to be offered in Singapore after Chery.

And it will cost under S$40,000, inclusive of COE.

Demand has been good, according to its local distributors.

Peter Kwee, Executive Chairman, Sport Auto, said, "Frankly, the acceptance level is very high, more than I expected. We haven't officially launched and we have received a lot of orders."

A third model from China is also being shown at the Motorshow.

Lifan has brought in a model in the popular mid-size sedan range.

Meanwhile, there is a host of other choices, such as SUVs, from high-performance ones to the 7-seater kind.

And no show is complete without the cars like the Ferrari's and Lamborghinis.

Then, there are always the green cars, which are also getting more popular in Singapore.

Away from the static displays, stuntman Russel Swift will be getting the crowd's adrenalin pumping.

Swift broke a world record, performing 10 complete revolutions in his car in the shortest possible time of 14.59 seconds.

He said, "It took us three or four times to get it. But we got it eventually. And I am proud to bring this record to Singapore..."
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