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this car is as crappy as geelys
Its for sale in Morroco ( arab country ) and I've driven there

UP TO DATE ? it uses a 1.6 8V Renault engine that makes noisey crap and very LOW HP/KW , even lower than the Chery A11 !

CHASIS ? so dacia can't make a $500 million CHASIS ? they used the CLIO ?
yes I know Renault Owns dacia , but still there's no reason for buying such an UGLY ( and i mean ugly , go get some front pics ) for $6000 , take alook at its interior !

I rather ride an A11 then having 2 of this car !
The only good point about it that it is A RENAULT !

if you want a real renaul , get the CLIO or MEGANE , this one is more crappy than chinese cars ! UP TO date or up to SH!T , DOESNT MATTER
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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