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Castro to buy 8000 Chinese buses

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"Cuba's leader Fidel Castro announced recently that he was personally negotiating the purchase of 8,000 buses to be partially assembled in the Caribbean nation. Castro estimated the cost of the new vehicles and old ones fitted with new motors at more than $1 billion. In addition, there is a deal for 500 Chinese railway cars and thousands of trucks and cars.

Cuba is turning to Chinese rather than Western companies to modernize its crippled transportation system at a cost of more than $1 billion. China is Cuba's largest trading partner after Venezuela.

More buses, trains, trucks and cars are on the way, enabled by Cuba's friendly ties with a government that is ready to resist U.S. pressure to isolate the island. Castro also points to the competitive prices and fuel efficiency of China's output.

Buses plying Cuba's highways increasingly come from China's Yutong Bus Co. and railway locomotives from the 7th of February works on Beijing's outskirts."

Great news for China's bus industry !
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It's no surprise to me that Castro would choose to do business with China over Europe, and Cuba has no access to ordering buses from Prevost, GM, or MCI because they're US companies.

Cuba badly needs modern buses, at any rate. Some "buses" in Cuba are little more than bus-style trailers pulled by Peterbilt or Kenworth Semis. In a way they sort of resemble enormous versions of the old horse-drawn omnibuses of the 19th century.

As for cars, there are now many European cars in Cuba, and they're gradually supplanting the old Russian cars and the even older American cars on Cuba's streets. I think that's sad in a way, but people in Cuba really love those old pre-revolution American (and to a lesser extent British) cars that they've got down there. They're handed down as family heirlooms and kept running through most ingenious means (many now use diesel engines taken from dead Soviet-era trucks).
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