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CCTV Chinese Car of the Year 2007

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Chinese national television CCTV proclaimed Citroen C4 Triomphe a Chinese car of the year for 2007. The jury valued various factors including value-for-the-price ratio, equiptment, safety,... and the sum of all points gave the winner:

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A C4 as Sedan? Never seen that before. But it looks great! :thumb:
Yes it is...........

You should see it up close...........a VERY beautiful car. The interior is nothing short of amazing (VERY cool and "futuristic") and the back seat has A LOT of does the HUGE trunk. Citroen has a real winner here and it is a big success in China!!
The C-Triomphe looks original and modern, but is that car not really expensive for the most Chinese people?
I think that cars as the Chery A1/QQ6/V5, Landwind Fengshang (Fashion), Chang'an CV6, Zhonghua JunJie, Geely LG-1 and others are more important for the Chinese car industry.
Not really...........

As far as the C4 being "expensive" here in all depends I suppose on your definition of "expensive". As far as where it fits in with other's right in the middle of the pack with the Honda Accord/Toyota Camry/Ford Mondeo crowd. Entry price is around 170,000 rmb, and a fully loaded model tops out around 220,000 rmb. This price range is actually attainable for most upper-middle-class families with 2 working parents. Figure a down payment of 30% (standard financing for banks here) which is 50-60,000 rmb and a 5 year loan.......that equals monthly payments in the 2,500 rmb range which is not outrageous for upper middle class families. It will also sell regionally well in some places but not so well in others - I see a fair amount of them in Nanning but not in the smaller cities......difference in family incomes.

The other cars (QQ6, CV6, A1, etc...) ARE important to the car industry and potential buyers as well.........they represent a much more attainable goal when it comes to affordability - both in purchase as well as ownership costs. The C4 is simply a nice, new and fresh offering in the mid-level, pseudo-luxury class of cars.....maybe the MOST unique of the cars in that class.
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jmsteiny said:
This price range is actually attainable for most upper-middle-class families with 2 working parents. Figure a down payment of 30% (standard financing for banks here) \
Try 40% and a usual 3 year loan! Plus Tax and Insurance that you have to buy at a premium rate from the bank when you buy the car and you have something more like the real cost, an 80,000rmb car quickly becomes a 100,000rmb car!

Which bank does your financing up there, ***************************************? I have a friend who just recently bought a car (base model Peugeot 206) and he financed thru Bank of China with a 30% down payment.........but he IS doing a 3 year loan. I was told that you CAN get a 5 year loan though...........maybe my info is wrong on that. Your point is well taken though...........I also forgot about the additional cost of tax and insurance.
Loads of banks. I got my house mortgage via Industrial Bank of China but there rates were ridiculous and worked my ass off to pay them back ASAP.

3 year loan is nothing on a 206 - 1.5k a month ? Penuts to most white collar workers in China.
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