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Hello everybody the CDMS Chengdu Motor Show is coming up between Sept.18-25 Opening hours 9.30-17.30 9.30-15.00 on Sept.25

I already got my tickets and will be there for sure.If anybody around here would like to have certain info's about certain cars there let me know asap and i will do my best to get it for you.:thumb:


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dragin said:
Hi Logan:
This is a relatively small show, far from China's gold coast, and so the cost of getting to this remote place will probably keep the number of small exhibitors down.
But just the same, if you could keep an eye open for any activity among the following small manufacturers, that would be great:

Xunchi, aka Xindadi, of Chengdu
Yema of Chengdu
Brilliance Huarui of Mianyang
Qingling of Chongqing
Zongshen Tongbao of Anhui
Huaxiang Fuqi of Zhejiang
Zhongyu of Zhejiang
Zhongneng of Zhejiang
Jinhua Youngman of Zhejiang

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the show as it gets bigger each year.

Hey everybody,
tomorrow morning i will visit the CDMS for the second time and i wouldnt say its so small ( as much as i know it will be at least bigger then last year) and i promisse i try to make a lot of pics and will collect as many infos as possible.As for your request dragin i am also gonna have a meeting there with Yema Auto about there ( new) electric cars.Dont know the other brands so far ( or sub brands) but i will take a llist and my wife with me to find out more about them.
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