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About Cenntro.
Cenntro Automotive Group is a global technology company that has operated an automotive platform “Co-op” providing a full spectrum of electric vehicle technology, development, and supply chain service. This cloud-powered platform decentralizes production and commercialization of vehicles, working with local manufacturing through big data, and supply chain solutions to make innovative vehicles to the market more efficiently in the markets they serve.

Unlike traditional vehicle manufacturing company, we integrate resources to design, built and sell electric vehicles. Collaborating with joint partners to decentralize automotive value chain.

We are a company with a focus on innovation. At Cenntro, we create a community connecting local market and technology. Now we are expanding our footprint around the world: we have partner assembly facilities in California and Texas, three local assembly facilities in Asia, one in Darmstadt of Germany. We are developing autonomous mobility solution for utility vehicle market. We bring dependable and affordable work vehicle at a faster speed with less capital.




Metro (supplied also to Plante):
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