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Chang Feng Acuman

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Sina auto inquiry Changfeng Motor's car project on the long-awaited, early in 2003, because SUV vehicle market with profit margins being squeezed, with Mitsubishi in the car project on the cooperative intention of even more twists and turns Changfeng Group decided to adopt independent manner at the field of cars and realize their vision.

With the listing, access to financing more than a dozen million in cash, the first completely independent intellectual property rights of the car project, has started two and a half years, styling and interior stereotypes also more than a year. Excellent job because of confidentiality, apart from sporadic information, outside of this paragraph has been model. Recently, first-hand information about Sina car, an exclusive showcase for your analysis.

The internal model, code-named CP2, the project is nearing completion, packaging line is being installed in debug, everything goes well, the end of this year, eleven will be announced before and after listing. CP2 tail above are spy photos, scanning under, there may be a familiar feeling, it seems that with the common Sagitar such models, there is a certain degree of similarity. In fact, this is CP2 taillight styling, you deliberately created an illusion. VOLVO S40 readers are familiar with, perhaps at other details will be on, to see more common ground.

At the external shapes of vehicles, the rear of the vehicle performance of the smallest. Therefore, a small change section sedan, the body difficult to make changes, except headlamps, the most common of places to start is the tail shape. Even so, through careful analysis, we can see that these two kinds of cars, there is a lot of correlation.

Compare the two vehicles, both the external contours or no difference after the windscreen. Rear of the size, in particular license subsidiary box are basically the same groove. S40's rear taillights and more harmonious with the overall shape, CP2 of the taillights and license to interfere in the box slightly stiff happen. License the upper frame has decorative style similar article. High level brake lights, three rear head restraints are basically the same size and location. Rear bumper, while the number after the fog lamps and lower groove location has the distinction, but the overall design consistent. 4 reversing the open position a high degree of coincidence of the radar shows that the structure is similar to bumper lining. After the fender to the C-chu, an extension of the eyebrow with rear-wheel integration, the transition curve is exactly the same way.

Judged the direction of, there was a slight prospect of a solution, however, after further analysis, we will find that this is only a beginning. Greater similarity, reflected in the contours on the body. Although CP2 back of the fender to extend for some distance, shape a more full, more rear space, but two models of the body, or have a lot of common ground, mainly the following aspects.

Longitudinal ridge around the body, exactly the same shape. Domestic models, if I come on at the left side of the body, the prototype car, mostly from the Department of day. Come on the right side of the mouth at body on CP2, if there is a prototype car, it is a mostly European and American models of left rudder. Come on flange, size, location is identical, suggesting that within the pipelines come on, and even the shape fuel tank has a reference from the relationship.

Column C body rear triangle windows, consistent shape. Must be noted that the triangular window extends from the lower left-hand corner is different, but only after the fender and the shape-related. Really decide the structure of C-chu, are the pillars of the upper left and right contours, CP2 and S40 are identical! C-chu Once identified, the outline of the body is a foregone conclusion, the Department of any minor changes to the vehicle is concerned, are far-reaching.

Contour before and after the door is fully consistent appearance. After the door style, in the vehicle in a greater impact. After the outline of the shape of the left side of the door, especially with the rear interface of the brow, often by the type of decision after hoisting. After the upper part of the outline of the door, reflecting column B to column C of the transition relations. After the lower part of the outline of the door, the door with the former the ratio between the lower part of the outline, you can reveal the vehicle's chassis layout and the weight distribution. Above, two models completely consistent. Right before the door of the Department, with the gap between the smaller front wheel eyebrow, suggesting they may have adopted the compact McPherson independent suspension.

Car door handles of the shape and location, no difference between the embodiment of the internal structure of the door may be the same. Wheels are 5 bolt used fixed, Central-axis diameter, the same as visual basic. Height or less the same chassis. External rear-view mirror installation of the location and shape more or less the same, all at the same location integrated turn signal.

Two models, interior trim of the differences, but is still greater than the common personality. Since the functional requirements of the center console inside the frameworks, institutions, piping, wiring harness layout, etc., if the same, even if the details of the external shape change, the overall structure, or to follow the same design principles.

First of all, the attention of both the overall shape of the center console, especially the size of the location of four out of tuyere height similarity. Although the adjustment button, not the same as deliberately designed, but the direction of the internal pipe must be the same. Medium control panel the size and shape, have shifting body position, is quite similar.

Front of the center console glove box upper ridge, although the decorative mosaic CP2, but the same external characteristics, often because its internal integrates airbags, air-conditioning intake pipe, the control unit, a large number of wiring harness, reckless changes may outweigh the benefits. To maintain the shape and internal structure of the same, make the details of external adjustment, are a wise choice.

Steering wheel, using the same sheep's head shape, built-in airbag modeling 3. Vehicle interior layout, CP2 used on deep under shallow color, interior trim color and the upper part of the material, and relatively close to S40. From the outside can see that the two models is inextricably linked. Well, can not see the internal, in particular, are chassis and suspension, the relationship between the two be?

Current intelligence and information is extremely scarce. However, Changfeng executives revealed that as a quasi-B-class models, CP2 the wheelbase is 2640mm. Interestingly, VOLVO S40 wheelbase, it is 2640mm! Perhaps this is not a simple coincidence, taking into account both at the body shape on the high similarity, while the model design, body structure and chassis must be addressed as a unified whole. Reason to believe that after the model of the CP2, hanging at the chassis, the reference is likely to draw on the first listing of related models.

CP2 model project by the end of 2006, the main R & D work, a large-scale launch in early 2007. Vehicle design and interior layout, the main components of the contractors, have been identified by the end of 2007. At present, CP2 main job of the R & D basically completed, a total investment of more than 12 million, will be at the Changsha Changfeng base assembly shop CP2 packaging production line, the production line is in full swing in the installation and debugging.

CP2 project, primarily by strength in the domestic rather Huaguan Beijing Great Wall Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for overall design and specific implementation. The company has rich experience in reverse engineering, Beiqi, Chery, Geely, Changfeng, JMC, JAC, Shen fly, such as days of steam well-known car brands of its important customers are. With Changfeng past several SUV models, as in the design process, the Italian company Nina Bentley Law played an important role, in Changsha and even set up a representative office stationed in the project engineering staff. Changfeng message in accordance with the disclosure, the main design, were completed in Europe.

Volvo S40 in Chang'an domestic implementation, pricing 23.8 ~ 378,000 yuan, in a sense, as an old military-industrial enterprises, manufacturing strength changfeng not weak, CP2 cost-effective or more prominent. According to the original planning changfeng, CP2 main competitors, the future is Excelle, Elantra, Familia, represented the "new three", pricing more than 100,000. However, the passage of time, the old section of the new kind of three or passed their prime, or change, the range of 80,000 to defend. Range of 100,000 yuan, a strong new competitor, it is endless. Changfeng CP2, although the base model itself, but in marketing and engine changfeng on short boards, decide if the implementation of the strategy in accordance with the established market, then, it is impossible there is an enormous success. Only size up the situation, through further internal maximization, optimization of the allocation of resources, will be the pricing of CP2 at 8 ~ 100,000 range, in order to love VOLVO, but limited funds among the consumer, access to belong to own a share of the market.

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Re: Chang Feng A-Class sedan (CP2)

What will happen to the CP1,2, and 3 models when Changfeng is absorbed by the Guangzhou Auto Group giant, as reported in the First Financial Daily last August?
Guangzhou needs the Changfeng SUV lineup but these others may not survive.
Translated article with Google Translate:
Changfeng Automobile will be held April 20 the Shanghai auto show on the release of three cars, three models of the internal code-named CP21, CP22, CP23, respectively, for the three-box sedan, hatchback sedan, coupe sports car. Changfeng Chen, general manager of the early automobile in an interview with the media, said: sedan cars this year, CP21 will be officially listed on December sales, CP22 hatchback coupe CP23 cars and sports cars will also be listed next year, 10 months ago. Before the official release, we get the three new cars according to the spy.

According to from the spy, this three models are the atmosphere, with the Changfeng Qi Ling clear line of cars started the level. CP21 which for a three-box B-class car, shape similar to the Volvo S40, CP21 and CP22 for the hatchback version of model, and the CP23 is a coupe sports car. The first market will be CP2 1 Series models, it is the first completely independent intellectual property rights of the car project, has started two and a half years, interior design and shape is also more than a year, is located in Changfeng assembly shop based in Changsha CP2 packaging line is being installed in debugging.

Although very parcel CP21, but according to already spy-related exposure test, and like the Volvo S40 is to enhance the appearance of more of its attention. Although the engine cover, air intake grille, headlamps, bumpers and the overall shape of the layout is very similar, but the Volvo S40 all show a slightly delicate introverted, while Changfeng's broad-brush CP21 a rigid distributed.

CP21 tail may have a familiar feel, much like the upcoming Besturn B50. Comparison of the overall shape of the side, and four-probe reversing radar can see its configuration will not be too low, LED taillights also the shape.

CP21 and the hatchback version of picture-CP22 from the point of view, significantly higher body, there are a small SUV feeling, and it will have to wait for the market for some time, Changfeng car hit the first of its sedan version, after all, HS cars less heat or some car project for Changfeng is a very important transition.

Although the car did not see CP23 sports car as a whole "face", but from the air intake under the grille, it should be designed before the face is very full, mellow, not the kind of exaggeration of the angular shape, with the Audi A6's design feeling, but the final official results still have to wait until the release of the picture.

CP23 of the car from car rear view, much like the feeling of this new Nissan Teana, and the two-tail exhaust pipe emission may be inferred that it will not be too low, and engine-related items still appears to Changfeng Automobile advance research and development. Of course, such a picture alone can not be too many things that I believe will soon have more information.

It should be noted that the exposure of three new cars, we can see Changfeng for cars also prepared. Although Qi Ling poor performance series models, but this does not affect changfeng car plan, the future of Changfeng road car can go smoothly, let us wait and see.

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Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

Finishing to arrive for the Hall of Shanghai 2009, now it seems that the name will be Acumen A4. The car is very pretty, even so is evident that it is a Volvo S40.

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Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

Is that Acumen's logo on the car?
Does that mean Changfeng is also launching new brand?
Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

I believe that the ChangFeng presents this new Acumen to represent the segment of cars, in the case this sedan A4, coupe and sedan bigger that also it will be presented in Xangai. CF brand would be only for pickup´s and SUV.
Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

martin_krpan said:

Really like this concept car (is it a concept ?) . The new logo name sounds cool and the logo looks quite interesting. This is at least what Chery can do with their new brands but no they copied Bentley, Infiniti logos and make their RIICH cars interior look as cheap as possible. I am starting to lose hope on Chery.
Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

Acumen sounds a lot like Acura. Still, that doesn't mean that the cars don't look good. The A4 looks pretty, as does the car that inspired it, the Volvo
S40. Perhaps Volvo might work with Changfeng later on?
Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

Whoa...that Chang Feng CP23 with that cool red paint job is hot! Is that a concept car or is Chang Feng putting the CP23 in to production? I thought it was a freshly painted Dodge Challenger from the side view. Hot as a firecracker!
Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

Close up pic of interior parts in A4.
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Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

Article from China Car times:
Changfengs very own Volvo S40 clone has been photographed in the Changfeng factory and its pictures leaked to the internet, presumeably causing slight embarrasement for its new master, Guangzhou Auto.

The Changfeng ‘S40′ was expected to be shown at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year, but it failed to make an appearence. The sedan is codenamed the CP2, and measures (LxWxH) 4480mm x 1770mm x 1462mm, and hsa a wheelbase of 2640mm which puts into into the B-segment against the Mazda6, the VW Passat, and other similar sized vehicles. Pricing has not yet been announced, but a conservative guess maybe in the 100,000rmb to 120,000rmb area.
Inspired? Yes. Copy? No.
Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23


does anyone know when the new models from Acumen will be on the market?
Re: Chang Feng CP21, CP22 and CP23

I would expect it to be released next year.
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