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Changan Ben Ben Vs. Chery QQ6

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They are quite similar looking in terms of shapes and proportions. E.g. the height of the windows, shape of taillights etc.

I think this pic is at the wrong angle to REALLY compare the two cars accurately. I say this because I HAVE sat in both of them (and driven the QQ6) and really, it's no contest......the QQ6 is a BIGGER car (at least on the inside). Exterior dimensions might be roughly similar, but the QQ6 is amazingly roomy on the inside - and with the back seat down there is A LOT of room for carrying things. I DO like both cars, and they both have some unique this point I think it's 6 of one and a 1/2 dozen of the other!!!

I will add this...........impressions from friends of mine DEFINTELY lean towards the CV6 - mostly from a styling standpoint. I kind of said this in a earlier thread.......the QQ6 is more of the "family" QQ, and with that said it will mostly appeal to the late 20's/early 30's crowd better than the QQ3. The CV6 is more "youthful" in it's styling - most of my younger teacher friends preferred the CV6. They liked the QQ6 for it's versatility but found it not as "cool" as the CV6 (and the sport variant of the CV6 in another thread here REALLY caught their eyes) - I think we can already see a bit of the demographic focus regarding these cars!! Also, I am seeing a more aggressive advertising campaign with the CV6..........I've seen TV commercials and even print ads in many magazines (both men's and women's magazines). Compare that with the QQ6........almost nothing. What is Chery waiting for? Are they just assuming that word of mouth will work? At this point, I would assume that they are gearing up for promoting the new A1 and A3........I do hope that the QQ6 gets a little more advertising because it IS a good car!!! :thumb:
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