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CHANGAN brand in Europe. Is about time or not yet?

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In my humble opinion, it is about time.

The models are (could be) very competitive. New or not yet established brands in Europe should take advantage of the shift from the traditional European brands to alternatives that's happening almost everywhere in Europe (the top sellers in many countries include Hyundai Tucson).

People are slowly realizing that many traditional brands offer only an illusion of quality/reliability, just marketing induced perception. And that premium German cars are horrible money pits with below average or, at best, average reliability.

People are also slowly realizing that some Japanese brands like Nissan no longer live to their former reputation and others like Honda have been sleeping at the wheel (pun intended) during the GFC and haven't awoke yet, pushing inadequate models for EU at a price point that makes no sense when compared with the offers from Hyundai/KIA or other Japanease like Mazda and Subaru (special case). Toyota seems to be the exception but according to the famous Youtuber Scotty Kilmer, a long-time Toyota/Lexus fan, their historical reliability may have an end on sight.

So, more than ever before, it's time for new players to shake up the market. But please, Changan group board of directors, take note: Do NOT make the same mistakes so many Chinese brands made in the past, especially in Latin America. Do NOT push the cheap stuff and "poverty packs". Hit them - the Germans and the French - where it hurts the most, push ALL the top models at a fair price. Changan can and should compete directly against AUDI and BMW in the premium market. Changan already has better design and much better reliability.


Your humble brand ambassador in Europe (PM me for more info)
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We really need Changan cars in Europe!
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