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Changan displays FlexDI engine at Beijing auto show.
April 25, 2008 - Changan Auto, China’s fourth-largest automotive manufacturer, has displayed its CA18 FlexDI concept engine at the Beijing auto show (Auto China 2008). The engine was commissioned from Australian technology company Orbital in collaboration with Changan.

The FlexDI technology was launched last October, based on the concept of “One Engine-Any Fuel”, as part of Orbital’s investment in R&D and growth opportunities driven by stronger worldwide emissions legislation and increased concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency.

The concept engine uses a twin turbocharger design to enable very high levels of performance, while maintaining a desirable flat torque curve across a wide speed range. The FlexDI system can deliver significant economy benefits with the potential to use gasoline or other gaseous fuels in the same combustion chamber.

Changan said it is continuing discussions with Orbital on a possible feasibility assessment of FlexDI technology, with the objective of launching further joint engineering activities in 2008 and 2009.
source: CanadianDriver

Roadster concept:

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