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ChangAn CX20 & YunQue QuanJie Q1

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ChangAn is developing new MPV vehicle, larger than current BenBen.

Previously we have exposed a head of security BenBen lengthened the body of the test car spy photos, in fact Chang'an used to create a new cross-border models of the B3 platform for chassis testing. Today this truly cross-border car spy photos for the first time in front of us, though wrapped in a thick layer of camouflage, but the general body structure has been relatively clear rendering.

Contrast next to the BenBen models, Chang-an approximation of a larger version of this car is expected to the coupe's wheelbase less than 2500mm, should be a range of Changan Benben and Yuet Cheung between the models. There are rumors that a new car before the wheelbase will reach 2700mm, is actually another vehicle belongs. Prior to the Chang's media day activities, officials have disclosed that the future will also introduce Yue Xiang cars derived from cars. This exposure is likely that this model, code-named B301 new car, appear to be a crossover positioning of small MPV models.

Preliminary determination of their appearance, size and wheelbase of view, Changan this model should work with Fit relatively similar, are positioned inside a large space for outstanding hatchback design. However, ground clearance is also relatively high, with Nissan LIVINA is quite similar to the design concept. Body height significantly exceeded the parked next to the Ben Ben models.

Compared BenBen basic model with the A pillar angle in the same plane engine cover design, the front part of the new car to be more robust, and further increase the size of radiator grille, headlights appearance from Ben Ben's slender design becomes more atmosphere. However, the relevant test vehicle accessories is not working yet, lights inside the shell is obviously a group of other vehicle lights in preparation for the tests, the resulting models can also be judged from the production car will be quite a long period of time.

Body part of the look and BenBen very similar, but close scrutiny will have the overall structure has been redesigned, A column designed to separate the end of the triangular windows in order to improve the vision of blind spots when turning the mirrors is also different from Ben Ben, was design of the door. Size than the rear door BenBen more lenient, C has significantly increased the column part of the triangular windows can also determine the coupe's trunk space to exceed the Ben Ben a lot. Trunk door designed to look and BenBen similar, but the gourd-shaped taillights group to be a vivid look a lot.

In view of this car range from Ben Ben, and Yue-xiang between the body size, is expected to configure its momentum is likely to adopt BenBen the 1.3L and Yue Xiang's 1.5L engine. Prior to Changan will launch Guangzhou Motor Show a new release of BenBen mini and redesigned after the BenBen love models through the addition of this capacity and internal space sexy Crossover cross-border vehicle, the Chang'an in 100 thousand The following range of models the layout of the yuan will be further refined.

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Re: ChangAn CX20 & YunQue Q1

And the Acura logo...
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