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Changan Ford Mazda Automobile sets new all time records

5 Jan 2007 , Chongqing : With new all time sales records set in December, 2006, Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd., (Changan Ford Mazda Automobile), today announced that its Ford Brand marketing, sales and service business achieved new, record results, for the full year of 2006.

"2006 has been a truly outstanding year for Changan Ford Mazda Automobile," said David G. Thomas, General Manager of Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Sales Company. "Our Ford Brand business has exceeded all the challenging marketing, sales and service targets that we and our Dealer partners jointly set for ourselves".

In December, Ford brand retails reached an all time record of 19,401 units, well ahead of the previous record set in September. Focus was very strong, breaking the 10,000 units in one month barrier for the first time and reaching a record 13,955 retails for the month. Mondeo was also very strong, once again selling more than 5,000 units for the month to close at nearly 5,500 retails, and benefiting from the very positive reception to the new 2007 model.

Full year Ford Brand retails reached 129£¬790 units, 68,768 units and 112.7 per cent ahead of last year, easily outpacing the strong average industry growth and maintaining Changan Ford Mazda Automobile's Ford Brand as one of the fastest growing franchises in the industry.

In its first full year, Focus achieved 78,430 retails, well ahead of expectation and reflecting the strength of both the 3 Box and 2 Box versions of this highly regarded model line. "Following its launch only a few months ago in September, the Focus 2 Box has become a very successful model for us", said David Thomas. "In December, Focus 2 Box sales were a record at 6,040 units, and were just over 40 per cent mix of total Focus sales, exactly in line with our plan. In addition, these are all incremental sales to Changan Ford Mazda Automobile, since Focus 3 Box sales also reached an all time record of 7,915 units in December. Overall, 2006 was a highly successful year for both our Focus models," he said.

However, Focus was not the only success story for Changan Ford Mazda Automobile in 2006. Mondeo performed well, and in line with the company's comprehensive marketing plan, to reach a total of 47,651 retails for the year, 15.0 per cent ahead of last year. "Mondeo continues to be a very strong model for both us and our Dealers", said Mr. Thomas. "Sales continue to grow, and the recently launched new 2007 model will continue to maintain strong Mondeo sales for us and our Dealers this year".

Mr. Thomas noted: "Our strong, overall, retail performance was driven by our Dealer partners eagerly taking all the vehicles we could produce. The demand has been so strong for all our models that we have emptied our vehicle storage compounds. "Our colleagues in Manufacturing are now working hard to meet this continuing strong demand for Ford vehicles in time for the Chinese New Year".

This exceptional performance allowed Changan Ford Mazda Automobile's Ford brand wholesales for the year to reach 131,079units, 68,154 units and 108.3 per cent ahead of last year, and just exceeding the ambitious target that Changan Ford Mazda Automobile and its Dealers jointly set for themselves.

In addition to strong vehicle sales, Changan Ford Mazda Automobile exceeded its plan to double parts and accessory sales for the year, and was able to do this while still maintaining an extremely high "First Time Fill" parts supply performance to ensure that our growing family of customers was able to get the parts they want quickly and efficiently. Extremely strong growth in its Sales and Service Customer Satisfaction performance was also reported, closing the year well ahead of the Company's objectives for the year, and at nearly double the level of last year.

"We could not have achieved these results without a strong partnership with our Dealers," said Mr. Thomas. "For the second year in a row, we have opened a new 4S Dealer each week, showing strong and growing demand for the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Ford Brand franchise, not just from new business partners, but also from our existing Dealers who want to grow their businesses with us. Together we have both had a very strong year".

These comments were echoed by Feng Shouming, Chairman of Wuhan Headman Automobile Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Ford Brand Dealer Council: "The strategies and plans put in place this year have been what the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Ford Brand dealers have needed to grow their businesses in the very competitive China market. We have a very close and beneficial working relationship with the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile team, and this has allowed us to jointly exceed all our targets for the year and strengthen this valuable franchise. All my dealer colleagues and I are looking forward to more new Ford models and an even more successful year in 2007".

David Thomas concluded: "We have been one of the fastest growing automotive franchises in the competitive Chinese market so far this year. With these outstanding results in December, achieved in partnership with our Dealers, we have jointly closed the most successful year in our short history ahead of our expectations. We are confident they will ensure that the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Ford Brand franchise remains one of the fastest growing franchises in the most dynamic automotive market in the world".
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