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Changan Ford Mustang Mach-E

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An engineering test vehicle for the Mustang Mach-E, an electric vehicle produced by Changan Ford, Ford's joint venture in China, recently rolled off the assembly line, signaling that it is getting closer to mass production in China.
The car is a midsize SUV with a length, width, and height of 4724/1880/1600mm and a wheelbase of 2972mm.
The car's rollout at the factory means it will soon begin mass production and go on sale, competing with the Tesla Model Y and NIO ES6.
The standard version of the car has a 190kW drive motor, while the long-range version is available with 210kW and 248kW.
The GT version has a maximum power of 342kW, peak torque of 830N⋅m, and an acceleration time from 0-100km of 3.5 seconds.
The long-range rear-drive version with a 98.8kWh battery pack has an NEDC range of 680km.
The car's competitor, the Tesla Model Y, is already available in China, with prices starting at RMB 339,900 ($52,217).

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Great news to see Ford finally bringing an electric car to the Chinese market! One minor comment about the article though, it seems that the ideal competitor from Nio should be the EC6, not the ES6, since the EC6 has the sportback configuration....just my two cents, anyways
Looks great, the design is also awesome. But Tesla model y will be a big competitor for this model.

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China-made Ford Mustang Mach-E launched

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Looks like an aftermarket display screen...that is not symmetrical with the center console. Also its unusual heights make it look vulnerable to impact damage.
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