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Changan Mazda 2

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Chang'an-Ford will produce Mazda 2 in its Nanjing plant, which is the second assembly plant of Chang'an Ford and now under construction.

Mazda recently officially joint the "Chang'an - Ford" alliance, taking 15 shares from Ford party. Now the equity between Chang'an, Ford and Mazda is 50:35:15, which is approved by the Chinese government.

In return, Chang'an-Ford will take shares in the FAW-Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd., which is now the sales company of Mazda in China dealing with the major Mazda brand products.
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Why ? More competition is good for the customers and besides it's always nice to hear a new model to be produced in China.
This is the new (FAW) Mazda2 Sedan, specially developed for China.

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Official presentation

Mazda for the 2007 Guangzhou International Motor Show brought Mazda B-class car as the first in the Chinese market, “Mazda2.” The car is a global strategic model, shoulders reached this year in March released a new medium-term plan, “Mazda - Jin” this goal of the heavy responsibility.
Meanwhile, the Mazda2 is Mazda based on the long-term technology development prospects “Zoom-Zoom sustainable Declaration,” the guiding direction for promoting the “driving pleasure and environmental safety performance of harmony and unity”, embody the “evolution of Zoom-Zoom” brand core and the first step. Mazda2 put in the China market is the preliminary plan will be in Japan and Europe this year just driving at the owner of lighthearted fun Mazda2 five hatchback cars, as well as new development of the dynamic and elegant atmosphere full ofsedans, taking the lead in China. Mazda2car in this 2007 Guangzhou International Motor Show in appearance, which is the debut vehicle, Mazda This fully proves that the Chinese market are highly valued.
  In this year by the end of October, Mazda and Ford Motor Co. and the partners in China Changan Automobile Group joint venture - Changan Ford Mazda Motors Limited (CFMA) production base in Nanjing has completed the first domestic Mazda2 volume production car the Inauguration Ceremony. Through the Mazda2 in the Chinese market launch, Mazda decided following the existing domestic models - Mazda6 and Mazda3, to the Chinese market launch B-class cars. So far, prepared to participate in the Chinese market has been the main vehicle lineup Preparatory finished.
CFMA Nanjing factory shoulder to the achievement of Mazda in China’s mid-term goal - “2010 Marketing 300000″ - programs, and Mazda raised in the “2010 global sales of 1.6 million” heavy responsibilities. Mazda in the pursuit of driving pleasure and environmental protection, harmonious and safe performance at the same time, China will provide customers with the many “Zoom-Zoom” new product concept.
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i like the car, i like most mazda designs,
i dont think MAZDA 2 is in north america, i wonder if it will ever come here! its like competitor with Toyota YARIS, but better..

i think this would be very good on gas and cheeap
That is the best looking Mazda I've seen yet. Yes, the Miata and RX-8 are cool designs, but this is more to my liking. Unfortunately, I reside in the U.S. and Mazda wasn't committing the Mazda2 to NA when I read about this car a month or so ago. Should do decently in China, though.

I don't like the Mazda3 design enough to jump on it, but this Mazda2, in sedan form, is a nice looking car, that should do well on gas, too.
Lookin' sharp to me! I like! Too bad it might not come to America for a long time.

I think Mazda has designed a subcompact that will really sell pretty well for them. It'll be a long time until it comes to the U.S., but it should sell in the UK, India, Japan, South America and generally everywhere else in Europe. It does have some serious competition...the Fiat 500, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent and even the Smartfor to mention just a few. But it looks good and sound. Wonder what kind of gas mileage it gets.
Mazda 2 was officially launched in China yesterday, on November 27, according to

The model will be available in three versions: 1.3L MT will be sold at 83,800 yuan ($11,420), while 1.3L AT is priced at 91,800 yuan ($12,510) to 101,300 yuan ($13,870). It will be sold in 50 authorized dealers across the country as of January.

"By introducing the four-door sedan and five-door hatchback to the B-car segment in China, we have completed our product lineup in the B, C and D segments," said Noriaki Yamada, President and COO of Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd.

According to Mazda spokesman Ken Haruki, Mazda's sales in China this year is expected to reach about 100,000 cars, and the company aims to sell more than 180,000 cars in 2008 and 300,000 in 2010.

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Another competitor is the Suzuki SX4 Sport sedan. No mention of an American introduction for this Mazda2, either.
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