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Changan minivan models

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Chang'an company can be divided into three divisions; 1) Chang'an minivans 2) Chang'an-Ford and 3) Chang'an-Suzuki

Chang'an minivan factory is the main factory and the place where first Chang'an cars were made.

Chang'an minivan models currently made:

SC6350 Star (1999- )
SC6360 Xingyun (2000- )
SC6370 Xuehu (2001- )
SC6372 CM6 (2004- )
CM8 MPW (2004- )
SC6391 City Rainbow
SC6371 Chanastar Zhixing
SC6381 Raimondi CM7 (2004- )
SC6336 (2001- )
SC6331 (1993- )


CM8 This model will be in Geneva 2006 Auto Show.


- First car made in Chang'an factory was Jeep CJ5 in 1958
- First Suzuki Carry completed in 1982


In 2003 the whole Chang'an concern manufactured 328 747 cars. This consists of about 200 000 Chang'an minivans, 100 000 Chang'an-Suzuki's and 20 000 Chang'an-Ford's.

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The Star 3 in post #126 is already featured in posts #7 and 8 of this thread:

Anyway, the Star 3 had been discontinued by March '18 (production ended Dec '17).

The vehicle in post #127 is a Star 5 (no doubt it's a typo).
It could be silly question, but I wonder, what kind of engines have these small vans: gas or diesel? Does it differ for big cities and countryside?
Microvans have gas engines. This may have something to do with most designs either having Suzuki ancestry or being largely copied from said Suzuki designs (by design I do not mean merely visual appearance, I am referring to the entire vehicle development and engineering process), and Suzuki hasn't been into diesel tech in a big way. Descendants of either Mitsubishi or Daihatsu designs are hardly to be found today.

You will find only a handful of minitrucks with diesel engines, mostly from the likes of Forland, Nanjun or Changan Kuayue, and even these are usually the higher payload versions (among the minitrucks).

As for rural/urban preference, I guess this is limited by whichever emission norm is in force at any given moment in a particular region. Currently, there is no diesel minitruck with a China-VI compliant engine (the latest are China-V).
RR, my guess is that they are mostly petro driven vehicles. However, back in the mid 2000s Chang'an exported a small volume of vehicles to a Texas company called Tiger Truck. Those were converted to electric motor drive, using lead acid batteries.
New Changan mini van (SC6450). The model name is not legible but ends with what looks like "V5". It is powered by a 1.6L engine. I think it has been quite a while since an all-new mini van/mianbaoche was introduced in the Chinese market.


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2021 V5


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