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ChangAn Star 3 (new model)

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SCOOP! Brand new!! Fresh from the oven !!! You read it here first !!!!
(in the manner of 19th century newspapers)

ChangAn Star 3 (SC6397)

Dimensions (L,W,H): 3930×1540×1890 mm, WB: 2500 mm
Engines: 1243 cc/72 kW, 999 cc/50.8 kW, 996 cc/52 kW.

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Also, of significance is the fact that the Changan New Star (SC6406 or M201) will be renamed "Star 5", according to this report, so the Star minivan hierarchy will look like:

Star 6363/6368
Star 2
Star 3
Star 5 (New Star)
Star 7 (Taurustar)
Starlight 4500

(old Starlight and S460 are no longer on sale, according to Changan Commercial's website)
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