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Chang’an Automotive is readying the new F202 for the market. The F202 is the successor of the S460 minivan. Minivans are called ‘mianbaoche’ in China, breadcar, because they look like a Chinese ‘bun’-bread. This F202 hits the breadmark very well but with a modern style.

Size: 4090×1680x1910, wheelbase is 2605. It is slightly bigger compared to the S460 but wheelbase, and so platform, remains exactly the same. Engines: 1.0 and 1.3 four-cilinders. It can carry 5-8 people, officially, but in the real world they carry up to 15, plus lugage.

The F202 will arrive before the end of the year. Price will start around 50.000 yuan.


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Re: Chang'an models

Thank you for the information, Martin.
Can you also give me some specifications and details about the new Changan Taurus?
It´s probably more interesting for me than dated looking Starlight 4500.
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