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Changan Suzuki SX4

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Suzuki recently introduced a new model called SX4. It's a hatchback developed in co-operation with Fiat and is now available in Europe and later in North-America. There have been rumours about a sedan version being developed. Sedan cars are very popular in China. So maybe it was not surprising to see the first pictures of this new sedan coming from China. Apparently Suzuki has designed this car together with Chang'an. But will it be exported outside China ? Time will tell.

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SX4 Sport

Changan Suzuki launches Tianyu SX4-Sport in China.

June 19, 2008 - Changan Suzuki, a JV company between Suzuki Motor Corp and Chongqing Changan Auto, start to sell Tianyu SX4-Sport in Chinese market on Wednesday.

The car goes on sale in China with a dealer's price of 100,888 yuan ($14,659). Only 300 units of the model are available in the initial stage.

Changan Suzuki said the car will target specially at sport car fans. With features derived from the highly acclaimed SX4 sports car, the model provides a spirited and responsive driving experience.

sources: Autohome and Gasgoo
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Re: Suzuki SX4

this car is pretty respected in Indian market, even sells in Canada...and with the awd, its a good deal
Re: Suzuki SX4

I really like this little car from Suzuki. Suzuki makes a good small car...this is the lowest priced car on the planet with AWD, too.
Suzuki SX4 Limited

Suzuki China introduced yet another (this time luxurious) special version of small crossover SX4 - called Limited. With plenty of aluminium outside and leather inside the car is powered by 1.6L engine. Potential buyers can choose between manual or automatic transmission.

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Re: Suzuki SX4

SX4 to get 1,8 litre engine.

August 29, 2008 - Suzuki are the kings of revamping their motors to give them an extra bit of shelf time on the market. Previously they upped the excellent Swift from a 1.3l to a 1.5l, and now the SX4 is getting the same treatment, from a 1.6 to a 1.8l model.

The 1.8l is part of a special edition SX4 that will only run for a certain amount of time. The exterior of the SX4 has pretty much continued with the same lines, however, the grill has been updated slightly which gives it a much more sporty look, it looks like the lower plastic chrome has been added around the front skirt as well.

The SX4 has had reasonable success so far in China, but with the small crossover market hotting up, the latest incarnation of the SX4 may well help it further against its nearest rivals, the Livina C-Gear, PoloCross, and the MG3 SW.
source: China Car Times
Suzuki SX4 Sedan Parts


I'm new to this forum and I drive a Suzuki SX4 Sedan.

Are there any parts for Suzuki SX4 Sedan in China?

Any websites/shops?

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Suzuki SX4 and SX4 Sedan facelift revealed in China.

Changan-Suzuki, Suzuki’s auto arm in China has launched the facelift version of the Suzuki SX4 and SX4 Sedan for the Chinese market. The facelift consists of a redesigned bumper, revised grille, concave surfaces above the fog light, as well as a new skid-plate at the rear of the hatchback. The facelift also matches the 2010 SX4 for the European market.

The Suzuki SX4 facelift range also comes with a slightly updated interior and a revised GPS navigation system.

2009 SX4 1.6:
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Re: Suzuki SX4

Hmm. Front looks exactly the same to me. Chinese interior looks a whole lot nicer than previously.
Maybe they could change the Fiat Sedici....
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