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Re: Changan Mazda 3

To be frank I didn't liked the last pic. Since the cars now come in alloy wheels, I hate looking the cars with a steel tire, at-least it should be covered caps. Well, I would like to ask that what are the other countries where Mazda has been launched ?

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Changan to Sell Re-badged First-gen Mazda3 as Cinturx

The joint venture of Changan Auto and Mazda will release a new compact sedan named "Cinturx" early next year, reveals a recent new-car catalogue from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Spy shots published in the past two months indicate the Cinturx will be the first-gen Mazda3 carrying the Changan logo.

Changan-Mazda currently builds in Chongqing two generations of the 3. The first-gen, retired elsewhere in the world, is sold on the new car market in China as "Mazda3 Classical." The Cinturx will share a production line with it, and eventually replace it.

As expected, the 1.6L Z6V engine from Mazda3, which can put out a maximum of 79kW of power, will be provided for the upcoming Chang-brand sedan. The only known gearbox choice right now is a 4AT.

The rebadging will significantly lower the price range. While the first-gen 3 sells for 96,800-112,800 Yuan, the Cinturx is expected to be priced between 70,000 and 90,000 Yuan.


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A launch we did not know about!

It appears that Chang'an has discreetly soft-launched the Xingchi (星驰) (CAM7163A)
in a few stores without any publicity whatsoever.

A few news reports appeared around April 9 mentioning the car's Chinese brandname and the fact
that it was available in a few areas for a price less than RMB 85,000.

Searching around, I came across a few posts on Autohome's bulletin board/forum where a member
has posted a picture of a privately registered Xingchi that was bought as far back in January
in Chongqing for a price of RMB 83,000 (pre tax and insurance).

Image courtesy:

News reports:

Relevant threads (all referencing the same car):

Other photos (older):
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