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A launch we did not know about!

It appears that Chang'an has discreetly soft-launched the Xingchi (星驰) (CAM7163A)
in a few stores without any publicity whatsoever.

A few news reports appeared around April 9 mentioning the car's Chinese brandname and the fact
that it was available in a few areas for a price less than RMB 85,000.

Searching around, I came across a few posts on Autohome's bulletin board/forum where a member
has posted a picture of a privately registered Xingchi that was bought as far back in January
in Chongqing for a price of RMB 83,000 (pre tax and insurance).

Image courtesy:

News reports:

Relevant threads (all referencing the same car):

Other photos (older):
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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