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Changan Xingqing concept

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The front two doors slide forward to reveal grass or bamboo floor mats, seating for five and a very futuristic dashboard.

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looks like nothing more than a design exercise - does it run?

what's with the bamboo mat flooring?

I like it though, not a bad try at all.

I like the Interior very Modern with a hint of Orientalness :thumb:

Exterior has a hint of Mitsubishi in it ;)
its concept ppl ... give it a break
good looking one tho ,, smart and small
now we have a decent design that worth praising, the bamboo addition is a nice touch and indeginous, never seen a car with such mats even in cars from japan and Korea. Very good effort here:thumb:
Why don't they make cars like this instead of just having them as concepts and making boring cars.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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