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Re: 2008 Chang Feng DUV

Presentation of DUV @China Car Times.

Changfeng have launched a new model named the DUV, if you’re confused and wondering what DUV actually means you can stop scratching your head; it means Driving Utillity Vehicle. Perhaps Changfeng top brass think the SUV branding is a little stale now, and came up with a new one alongside SUV, CUV, CRV etc etc.

The DUV, despite its name, is still pretty much the classic 1991-2000 second generation Mitsubishi Pajero. Mitubishi have a joint venture with Changfeng to make the Pajero range in China, and Changfeng supply the Pajero to the Peoples Liberation Army. China Car Times is currently unsure if the old style Pajero will continue to be produced, or if Changfeng will swap entirely over to the DUV.

The DUV is not so different from the original Pajero sizewise, the wheelbase measures 2725mm, 4775mm long, 1880mm wide, and 1890mm tall. The engine is a Mitsubishi supplied 2.3l model. Improvements have been made to the safety aspect of the car, as well as comfort and entertainment with the DUV getting an MP3 playing stereo as well.

The DUV will be priced at 130,980rmb and rising, not bad, but I think we’d be looking at some of Changfengs other offerings before spending our cash on this model.
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