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Changhe presented newest minivan (Google translates the name to Fu Yun) on April 20th. According to press release newest minivan was developed in the cooperation with Chang'an. In my oppinion it is based on Chang'an STAR S460.

In the current Shanghai Auto Show , the Changhe Automobile s Liana , waves Di and the Big Dipper e + and other vehicles full debut, which also announced a new wide-body large micro bus type - Changhe Fu Yun.

Fu Yun Changhe external dimensions 4010 mm × 1645 (1735) mm × 1910 mm, equipped with Suzuki K12B new generation of high performance, high-power aluminum engine, displacement is 1243ml. At the same time, McPherson independent suspension front and rear leaf spring Non-independent suspension, 2605mm in wheelbase and 1425mm-1435mm front and rear track , leaving Changhe Fu Yun is equipped with excellent handling.

According to Wang, Changhe Fu Yun Ⅳ emission levels meet State standards, adopted a new wide-body chassis with variable cross-section of high strength steel spring design, up to nine chassis beams made ​​from thick steel plate stamping. On both sides of the front and middle row, with three-point seat belts, equipped with a PVC interior, not only low-carbon (with bead), also equipped with the sliding door child lock, equipment quality for the 1095-1100 kg, the maximum total mass of up to 1800kg, rated number of passenger seats 5-8 people.

Braking the car to take Qianpanhougu way, and 165R13LT wider tires and alloy wheels make the vehicle good cornering performance, driving more stable. Fu Yun Changhe distributed in the target population aged between 26-46, mainly in the second and third tier urban markets and rural markets.

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