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Qingyuan Baoqi QY5020XXYBEVECCB

In production since January 2014, the Qingyuan Baoqi QY5020XXYBEVECCB is an electric wagon based on the CH7002BEVB, which was a proposed electric-powered version of the standard Beidouxing with modified front and rear. Interestingly, the CH7002BEVB never entered production.

The present car is similar, but not identical, to the X5 (note: Baoqi is not the model name but a sub-brand of Qingyuan).
It is made in Baodi, Tianjin, by Tianjin Lutong Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (天津路通电动汽车有限公司).

Basic specs:
Dimensions 3480×1575×1670 mm (L,W,H)
Wheelbase 2335 mm
Motor 8.5 kW
Max speed 72 km/h
Unladen weight 1300 kg



1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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