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Changhe Suzuki Splash

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Suzuki SPLASH to be China-made by 2010.

May 22, 2008 - The strategic model SPLASH of the Suzuki brand will be produced in Changan Suzuki Automobile within two years and will not replace Alto after SPLASH goes on sale, told HashiMoto Toshiaki, the newly-elected general manager of Japanese Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Now Suzuki Motor has decided to produce its global strategic model SPLASH in Changan Suzuki Automobile. But it will take one or two years to deliver SPLASH into the market since plan is made. SPLASH will not replace Alto after going on sale as it isn’t the upgraded version of Alto, HashiMoto Toshiaki said.

Suzuki (China) insiders said Alto would continue to compete in secondary and third-class markets after SPLASH is put into the market.
SPLASH is also a dynamic car like SX4 and its sedan edition may be developed on the basis of the hatchback edition in the future, added HashiMoto Toshiaki.

As for the big concern of some dealers about Suzuki’s sales network merger, HashiMoto Toshiaki said that Suzuki Motor will not give up the network integration since it is good for providing consumers convenience as well as benefiting the dealers. In the merger period, dealers of both Changan Suzuki and Changhe Suzuki will enjoy the same profits. He also denied the dealers’ worry that Suzuki would depend more on imported cars after its sales network merger in China.

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Re: Suzuki Splash to be China-made

i like that lancer
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