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Chehejia (CHJ Auto), Lixiang One

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Beijing Chehejia Information Technology Co., Ltd. (CHJ Automotive) was established by a group of professionals headed by Li Xiang, the original founder of the Autohome web portal (he is also one of the founder-investors of NIO) in 2015. A large factory complex has been constructed in Changzhou for the production of small and large electric vehicles, which also encompasses an aluminium processing plant for making car bodies and parts as well as an in-house battery production unit. Trial production of their first car, a small two-seater with tandem layout, began in August 2017. The vehicle, provisionally dubbed SEV, will hopefully be on the market in 2018. Another vehicle, which appears to be a large 5-meter long SUV, is in the pipeline.

Chehejia's factory has not yet received an EV project approval. However, since the SEV is an LSEV (haha!) with a top speed of 45 km/h (range is 100 km), starting commercial production of at least this car should not pose problems for the company.

SEV (2 row, 2 seat):

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Re: Chehejia (CHJ Auto)

CHJ has ended its SEV model production, and the overall program involving timesharing rental business in Paris and San Francisco.

Also, last year (9/9/17) told us about another major manufacturer tie-up with CHJ:
" Chehejia signed a strategic agreement with Brilliance Auto on September 1st. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in R&D, supply chain and manufacturing of electric vehicles."
Re: Chehejia (CHJ Auto)

Sorry Lao Fan, I too have no more than an artist's rendering of the SUV's fuzzy profile.
Re: Chehejia (CHJ Auto), LI One

So this pure BEV has two E-Motors, and an ER petro engine for depleted battery charging only.
It appears that's (power flow) schematic, doesn't agree with its overhead view of the powertrain and chassis. The front and rear drive axles seen in the overhead view are not shown in the schematic.
Also I read somewhere that there are 2 batteries that are the swappable type.
As for the interior, I like the clean orderly look of the controls and displays.
Re: Chehejia (CHJ Auto), LI One

I wonder how the above sale of the Lifan NEV branch will affect Lifan's joint venture with The Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS, called Lifan Electric Vehicle Corporation established around 2009.... or are they one in the same?

and how about the fate of that Lifan Electrical Car Industrialization Project, established in Huhehot, Inner Mongolia back in 2008?
Re: Chehejia (CHJ Auto), LI One

In the wake of the issuance of the "15 NEV licenses", the creative maneuvers to otherwise obtain permission to produce, seem to grow by the day.
Thank you D Mitra for setting us straight again.
The following website may help shed some light on the NEV branch that remains under the Lifan banner, as you indicate:
On the subject of Lifan and NEVs, an interesting piece by Seth Parks at on 10/19/15 suggested that “Lifan will bring two or three value priced PEVs to the U.S., hopefully starting in 2019, and aimed directly at the Nissan Leaf.”
Everyone is entertaining ambitious plans like this but developing trade relations may interfere.
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