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Newest AutoBild car magazine had a group test of 12 summer tires. These were 205/55 R16 size. All the big manufacturers were tested and also one Chinese tire called "Chengshan CSR 169". To be honest Chengshan failed in almost every test. For example braking in wet track from a speed of 100km/h: Continental achieved best result 49,5m and Chengshan was last with a result of 70,7 meters! Chengshan was, however number one in one category: it generated less noise than any other tire. Chengshan also costs 1/3 less than any other tire.

Here are the final results:

1. Continental: 25points
2. Bridgestone: 23p
3. Dunlop: 23p
4. Kumho: 22p
5. Toyo: 22p
6. Pirelli: 22p
7. Vredestein: 22p
8. Goodyear: 21p
9. Michelin: 21p
10. Hankook: 20p
11. Fulda: 19p
12. Chengshan: 13points

AutoBild crew came to conclusion that they can't recommend Chengshan to anyone eventhough it is much cheaper.

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