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Chery A1

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Chery S12 spy pics

I heard that this new model will replace the QQ.


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finnally a actural picture with no masking tape on it
jikki said:
we haven't seen the s12 clearly,either is spyshot or a small pic,but if the following pic will be the final style?

what do you think of s12 which is expected by lots of people?:)

For some reason when i look at the front i always think of a goldfish. Design is not bad, wheels and rims look a little cheep, and i think that door lineing could be taken off. And it would be even better if they could put a little more curves around the doors. But overall it looks less feminine then the QQ, i would actually fell comfortable driving this. Two thumbs up.
Oh yea by the way, this car certainly beats the new chevy spark and aveo.
sweet really stands out in teh crowd, and just have to love those headlights and interior. the rear seat dosnt look as crammed up as i thought it would be.
did anyone notice that its a taxi?? not very attractive exterior in the taxi buisness.
1 - 4 of 161 Posts
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