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Chery A1

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Chery S12 spy pics

I heard that this new model will replace the QQ.


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Overall a pretty good early review of the Chery A1. Interesting article because it states right in it that the A1 will have the underpinnings for the Dodge Hornet and probably a lot of the same electricals and interiors materials and make up as well. It can be seen to be basically the same size as the new Hornet so this makes sense. A pretty good deal for around $7,000, too.
I'm gonna be keeping a close eye on both the A1 and the Dodge Hornet as they progress along. The Hornet is the one I actually could have a chance of buying as Dodge will obviously bring it home to the U.S. I think Chery will do a good job with it...I'm hoping the crashworthiness aspect holds up... so to pun intended, course.

Keep those production lines moving, boys!
Wow, very informative real-world test drive. Even a comparo to the Hyundai Getz is included! Chery has some hard work to do still.
eddie-that's a diplomatic way to say it! No, it is true, the one that plays Devil's Advocate sometimes helps to stir the pot up and make the discussion more creative and more of a learning experience for all. Sometimes his comments border on the "hard to believe" type, but, ka cera sera, right?
1 - 4 of 161 Posts
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