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Chery A1

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Chery S12 spy pics

I heard that this new model will replace the QQ.


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logoform said:
It looks like VW golf VI or am I wrong ?

Actually, you need to reverse that - the Golf VI looks like the A1. Why? Well, let's see here...........the A1 debuted (at the auto shows) in 2007, and went on sale in China in early 2008. The Golf VI did not debut until October 2008 at the Paris auto show, and on sale this year (2009) in China. We all accuse the chinese companies of copying and cloning other foreign cars (and for the most part we have ample evidence to do so in many cases) - I think it is entirely reasonable to assume that as ORIGINAL chinese designs continue to get better and better, foreign companies could begin to start "borrowing" design ideas from chinese cars!:eek: The A1 might not be the best car out there, but it is a attractive small car, no doubt about it. Some other examples - how about the Roewe 350? Brilliance FRV/FSV? Chery A3 (especially the 5 door)? All original, all very attractive and worthy of attention from foreign car designers. I really think that VW actually looked at the A1 and said "hmmmm.......we can do something with that"? NO. I do think Chery looked at many other cars (including the Golf V) when designing the A1.........but no copying or cloning in this case. The A1 IS original - so let's give Chery credit where credit is due.
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Chery A1 makes its Brunei debut

TCY Motors Sdn Bhd yesterday introduced the all-new Chery A1 at its Batu Bersurat showroom, allowing the public a chance to check out the new China-made car vehicle.

Price at approximately $15,000, the Chery A1 is a high-level and refined hatchback sedan manufactured in accordance with international standards.

It is the first 'world car' in China developed for the global market, and it adopts international standard technologies as well as services and sales modes.

The A1 features an advanced engine that brings stronger power, as well as an exterior and interior designed by world-class experts in the field of automotive. The design of its safety concept is in compliance with the international conventions.

On top of its breakthrough on safety guarantee as well as its comprehensive configurations, it also provides a comfortable driving experience superior to that of the same class of sedans.

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Thai Chery Yarnyon Co.,Ltd will release Chery A1 (RHD version) in Thailand this year.

According to , Manual transmission version will release in May 2010 and automatic transmission version will release after (4th quater 2010).

EDIT : According to latest news, The A1 will not release in 2010. It will release in 2011. The A1 will appear in "Thailand International Motor Expo 2010" (1 - 12 December 2010).
I think A1 needs a face-lift in interior design urgently.
My friends father is living in Italy and thinking about buying one, with dr badge (the dr2). He knows that I'm following the chinese car brands and asked me if I know something about car's reability. Can someone who owns one tell something about it?
Next week we are going for a test drive... it will be my first chinese car drive experience!!! :)
Does anyone know the origin of the engine ?

They made the 1999 SEAT Toledo under licence (a 1990s Golf), so is it derived from the 8 valve Golf engine ?

They appear to have turned the engine around 180 degrees.
Leyland did this to prevent their cars from stalling when it went through a puddle (wet the distributor).
Which would make you tend to think it was derived from a non-crossflow longitudinally mounted engine. See, when they made it transverse and crossflow and put the exhaust manifold at the front like most cars have, the distributor was exposed. So they turned it around 180 degrees.
That's why there's such a convoluted path for the inlet manifold.
the new interior is for the 1.0 L model only or for the 1.3 L also ?
Chery A1 Engine swap

Hi All
Plz can any one help me what kind of engine swap can i do to my chery A1 1.3 and what the car model and i need to convert the coilover and the springs
thaks all
Where is the location remote control receiver module on Chery A1 (Kimo)

Hi I'm from Turkey & have Chery A1 (kimo) 2010 1.3L . I have a problem with its remote controller receiver. Unfortunately my waranty has new expired. Then I ordered this module from Abroad & its picture and link is below.

If I get the item I'm thinking of replacing it myself. So can you help me to do this. Any information will be appreciated with regards.
Re: Chery A1 remote control receiver module

Hi every body, I am a newbie. Does any body know where is the location of the remote control receiver for the A1? I lost both remotes so bought the module (receiver and 2 remotes) but cant find the location of the module. Please any help would be appreciated.:nod::)
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