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the auto transmission model doesn't have sunroof or (fake)wood interior.It even doesn't have side airbags(i think). the difference between manual and auto will be mainly in
1-a little worse fuel consubmtion
2-a little worse acceleration response.
3-more wearing of the brakes, cause you will use them more in auto than in manual.
4-a lot less versatility in controlling your car.

i drove manual cars for the last 12 years and i just bought my first (semi)auto this year, a chery QQ EZDrive.

Now i must tell you, if you are a percision driver like me(take risks in bends,crossing roads and filling empty slots quickly in start/stop traffic) you will find that a manual with soft clutch pedal is best.(My Regata has a heavy clutch).
while if you are a new driver, maybe one to to years and still finding your rythem in the streets, an auto will be fine in finding your rythem but still less versatile than manual.
the problem with autos is that sometimes you NEED to delay a gear change to reach high revs. in autos this is difficult and less percise.

I read that the auto transmission in A11 is very nice, imported from a euro country(don't remember which) i think the model is called ZF or something.

Personally, after using an auto in my chery(which is actually a steptronic, not a normal auto like A11) i feel that i would prefer the option of a soft clutch pedal than an auto.

By the way, i just filled my QQ for the first time. It did 397 KMs with only 20 litres of petrol. AWSOME!!! a far cry from my regata with 160 KMs for each 20 litrs.

If you have any other questions i'd be gald to answer them in the forum. Hope you have the best of luck in your car purchase.

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well, to be honest it was 397 kms with 21 litres of petrol. i read that the auto of the chery qq is actualy more fuel efficient than the manual version. i did 70% highway and 30% city. i have a heavy foot and accelerate a lot. my max speed was 90km/h. no A/C.

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in auto mode my car always shifts early at 2750 rpm and hangs on to the higher gear for a while when decelerating. i'm still in the run in period so i try not to exceed 80km/h but i once touched 100 by mistake.

to cryptonx:
i saw the sienna and palio before i bought my QQ.
Here are the pros of each car as i see it

fiat pedigree
Brazil Made
advanced engine
great looks/youthful shape
better build quality/finish
sholud be fuel efficient
built/designed using new technology
you'll feel better spending your money on an italian?? car than a chineese one(even if it is italian by badge only)

more options
better warranty
slightly cheaper
stronger 1600 engine
versatility of a hatchback in a saloon body
spare parts should be cheaper
available in automatic
chineese by name only not by quality

if you are an extreme driver and take a lot of risks i recommend the A11 for better warranty,stronger engine and cheaper(i think) maintenance.
But if you are a sensible driver and need a car as a means of transportation, i recommend the 66,000 palio.

either way they are both good but i sense you will be happier with the 68,000 palio as i feel than you want a youthful car. and don't worry about the 1242cc engine, the old sienna lived with a 69hp 1.4 engine just fine while this one is 80hp,it should be more than enough.
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