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Ok ,

I know I caused you alot of PAIN in your heads , but its my first car , please excuse ME :)

Now that I think of it , I called the chery dealer , they have an Automatic transmission version of the Chery A11 that costs only an extra $900 !! so I thought it would be alot better , I am no racer and stuff but my dad can't drive manual cars so I thought by this I can let him drive my car as well , since he's against me buying a new car , maybe this will help out a bit ?

and btw I excluded the Palio

I am going to buy a Chery A11 :) but I am only asking about Manual/Transmission thing as I find it a real bargain since the diffrence in price is only $900 .

I didn't see it , but I hope this is the luxury version that has the Electric Sunroof and the wood paneling , since the one manual one is the standard model

any info on this ?

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Yeah I know it would be a small reduction for performance but then again all my driving will be based inside the very crowded city of Cairo , All I need is just a fast response kick on the pedal to just get away from some traffic :D
I dont need a high performance car , I need a regular one ( not laggy ) with sufficient power in the city and can hold it together in the highways if I needed to go there .

I hope the automatic transmission is only available in the " Luxury model " since the manual one here is only the standard one with no Leather seats / Sunroof or Wood Paneling .

here's a pic I found of the LUXURY model with the Auotmatic gearbox :


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Well , thanks for all the posts , you're really helping fellas :)

Anyways I went to the chery dealer today , the luxury version is not for sale in egypt , Anyways I saw the Chery A15 as well , wow , I so much love it , looks alot much better than the A11 and has a new modern interior as well ( at least compared to the A11 ) the only problem is , its the TRITEC engine , so the car is for $17500 !!

anyways the LUXURY model of the A11 is not for sale in egypt , as the dealer thinks its useless and will just make the car expensive for nothing , I was sad tho cuz I didn't see the one with the auto as well , it was in stock but not on display .

Anyways I found the dealer place and the mantiance place to be top notch , very elegant and spacious , however there were a few unsatisfied customers ..

mostly due to THE TIME it took the to fix thier cars , and 2 of them complained about the car itself ( 2 out of 6 )

one told me , that its engine noise in unbearable , that he had to turn the cassette and a/c on so that he can forget the noise coming from the engine , he also wanted to add more sound isolation plastic stickers ( i dunno whats that ) on the inside of the cars hood to reduce the noise , but the chery dealer told him not to do so as it may overheat some parts of the engine and it might cost him to lose the waranty as well..

The other user was complaining about the power windows/mirrors which didn't work for some reason

and some un isolated ( naked as well call them here ) wires that goes into the heater of the back glass panel , and that he had kids and was afraid that the thing short circuit or catches fire or something .

but the overall of my experience , that its a very good car for the money you pay for , provided that you take care of such small stuff before recieving it so they can be fixed immediaty

AT Fmohiy ,
Have you seen the New Fiat Palio ? their dealer just called me to tell me thats the next shipment is coming in next week or so , and it has some new features , finaly they added ABS / 2 Airbags and Foglights for just 2000 LE more than original price ( 66,000 LE now 68,000 LE ) but the standard one is available as well

this is getting me crazy , I mean the only reason why I skipped the palio and wanted a chery is becuz of the added abs/airbags feature and the 3 years waranty ( the palio comes with 1 year - unlimted kilometeres waranty )

I can't decide between the two cars !!!!

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wow , thanks alot , I never saw it in this way
Well I guess my problem is I wanted a Fiat A11 :D

IE Fiat palio
with all the features of the A11 and with the waranty of A11

well I am not a good driver at all , I just started driving a year ago and I don't even have a license yet , I am going this sunday to the driving exam in Nasr City to make my driving license , but I was hoping to go to it with my Chery A11 or My Fiat Palio insted of my fathers Corolla , altho it's quite easier since I drove it for a few times and its automatic .

anyways there's still No Palios in stock , I will give them a chance till the middle of this month ( he told me next monday , next monday will be a holiday and i know delays are going to be there ) so 15 of May , If there's no Palios on the horizon I will get my black chery , at least it's always sitting waitning for me at its dealer :D .

btw u forgot one down-point on the Chery A11 , which is the resale value , even if Chery did becomg a great CAR MAKER and Popular , this is still thier first CAR ever . as for Fiat , Yes I know the palio is not at all popular in Egypt but its still will be very easier to sell .

the strangest thing
is that the 60 to 70 thousan LE level , there's shitload of strange cars
I mean if u look into it

starting at 60,000 there's the 1.0 2004 Shape Daihatsu Charade , which totaly sucks and small and i hate it

63,999 Egyptian Assembelled Hyundai Accent ( 2003 Shape - 1.5 ) no options ( power steering only ) < crap >

63,999 Chery A11 F/O Manual ( new unpopular car YET ) < will it last ? >

64,500 Egyptian Assembelled Daewoo Lanos ( 1999 Shape - 1.5 can I add YUCK ???? ) < Yuck & CRAP >

66,000 Fiat Palio BASIC ( Fiat's WORLD car aimed at developing countries that comes with 1 year wanaty and so overpriced )

68,000 Fiat Palio NV

68,500 EG Daewoo Lanos 1.5 ( 1999 SHape ) F/O ( Yuck again )

69,000 Proton Wira 1.5L F/O ( Discontinued car in malyasia , just like the A11 ) < and it looks dull >

73,000 VW Pointer ( VWs only SELL This car , they didnt make it / design or even have it listed on thier website , also brazilian made , and its actualy a FORD ESCORT in the heart ) but ppl here buy it like crazy thinking they are actualy owning A VW !!! it's so overpriced , just like the Palio .

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hazik said:
Chery Windcloud can win in a race against Ferrari F40.

can 1.2 liter Fiat do that?

first of , there's like 1 to 5 ferraris in all Egypt :D

Second of all ,

The chery won because of its excellent driver - modified stuff

Third of all ,

If this was a DRAG race , The ferrari guy would finish , eat 2 hotdogs , drink his pepsi and then the chery would've made it after all that :D

Nothing against the chery but I dont plan to buy a car to race ppl , I just want to transport myself and my famil ( to be ) safely .
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