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Re: bad experince with A11 in egypt

Friends kindly find below my bad experience with chery car in egypt realy i'm very regreting to buy this car
i sent many complaints to the mother company in china with no feedback from them find below copy from mails i sent to the mother company in china

Dear Sir

I think that you chased option number three & u don't care about your customer complaints as you know the Chinese products in Egypt have a perception that it's not a very good quality products & i think that your ignorance of my complaint prove that so kindly not that I still have many problems in my car & my lawyer start sewing procedures to your company & your service center in Egypt

not only this but I'll go to the most popular news paper in Egypt to tell every one in Egypt my bad experience with Chery cars


Finaly I'd like to thank u about your care about your customers

by the way we bought 4 cherry cars to our collegues & we start re selling the 4 cars with any price

--- On Sun, 6/29/08, ahmed abeed <[email protected]> wrote:

From: ahmed abeed <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Fw: complaint
To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Cc: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>, "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Date: Sunday, June 29, 2008, 12:26 AM

dear sir
i know that it's the third time to send u complaint
but i don't know what to say this time
i received my car 43 days agoo while receiving it i found a big noise from the
engine and engineer tamer(the reciption engineer) told me it's normal
thing because of the new celender head & it could be from the exhoster if
it didn't disapear come to me & i'll change the exhoster
seal to you
and eng hisham (maintinance manager)told me before i received the car that the
disc needs to be changed and we dont't have this part in our stores
they told me to leave my contact data & they will call me as soon as they
get the part &there is no need to make check up to the engine
i call them(spare parts store) eash week to ask about this part and they replay
call tommorow the name of the guy is aymen
as you know i live in hurghada(500 km south east to chery service center) i
bocked a mintainance one week agoo to make check up to the car tommorow while
coming from hurghada to cairo today i founda very strange soise from the engine
& the engine switched off i found one of the poget is gone from the engine i
think it broke it's place and fla
yen a way off the engine i called road emergency & they shipped my car to
cairo and i paied another 1000 le not only this but my 2 kids(3 years & 1
year old) were very scared from the desert & craying
so i don't want this car any more
kindly i suggest 3 options choose one
1st to change my car with a brand new one (i'll bay normal
/depretiations for 2 years of usage)& give me 1000 le the fair of shipping
the car

2nd to give me my money back (car price 65000)(i'll bay normal
depretiations for 2 years of usage)
3rd i'll sew you as a car producer & your service center in egypt
belive me or not it's your reputetion & i'll not leave my
rights & my children's
my car now in your service center
if i didn't get a feed back tommorow i'll consider u choosed
option number 3
ahemed abed

ahmed abeed wrote:
> Dear Sir
> I've just received a phone call from engineer tamer "reception
engineer at Egypt service center" told me that cherry company in china
refused to fix part of my engine which will cost 2500 Le because it may be
happened because of high temperature in the engine I want tell u that I
didn't sea any sign in my car says that car temperature is high and my car
still under the warranty so how come I bay money in fixing this engine &
you refused it by mail on 8/4/2008 please I need your replay as soon as
> Feel free to call me any time at my mobile number below Ahmed Abed Mob:
+20108844555 --- On Tue, 4/29/08, Ahmed abeed <[email protected]>
> From: ahmed abeed <[email protected]> Subject: Fw: complaint
To: [email protected] Date: Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 5:25 PM
> Dear Sir
> This is my second complaint from your service center in Egypt
> I sent them my car since the beginning of April-2008 because of my engine
broke down "I made 59500 Km with my car & I bought it in Feb-06"
till now I didn't receive my car i call receiving engineer each 2 days to
ask him about my car & he tells me it's not finished yet because they
don't have some spare parts in the engine
> kindly note that I'm working in sales & i cannot work without my
car the big issue that I called engineer Bahaa "the maintenance manager
2 days ago & told him about my complaint & how important is my car to
me & i asked him to give me a car until they finished my car he took my
mobile number &told me that he will call me after 10 minutes
> tell now I didn't receive any feedback & I'm trying to call
engineer hisham the center manager but i didn't reach to him
> Kindly note that we have 4 cars in my company & we facing the same
bad treatment
> we have a very bad service in Egypt & you may lose your repetition
& market share in Egypt please I need your response ASAP --- On Sat,
8/18/07, Ahmed abed <[email protected]> wrote:
> From: ahmed abeed <[email protected]> Subject: complain To:
[email protected] Date: Saturday, August 18, 2007, 4:53 PM
> Dear sir
> my name is Ahmed abed I'm from Egypt i have a cherry a11 car model
2006 i bought it on Feb-2006 i made 42000 km by this car
> I have a very big complain from your service center in Egypt as follow
> i work as a sales manager in hurghada"red sea" & it's
far from Cairo by 500 km
> i visit Cairo only for 3 days a month & the nearest service center
to me is in Cairo .
> they have a system is to book first before coming & every time i
book and go to tell them what i need in my car but i found it every time
that they didn't do any thing from my inquiries they only do the
maintenance and i must wait to the next month to go to them because i don't
have a time to go again at the same month.
> the last time there were some issues with my conditioner & i told
them what exactly i want but the didn't fix it but they made more problems
in my conditioner and i sent them the car for the third time in 3 days but they
told my it's an old error not from them theses very bad treatment I'm
facing from your service center from the beginning of 2007 & my car still
has these problem tell now
> Kindly find attached a copy from 2 jobs order one has the first visit
on 8/7/2007 and the other has "come back sign" after 2 days but tell
now i still have these problems & they made more problems in my car
> Please i need your response as soon as possible cause we bought 4 cars
to my company & we have the same issues
> Kindly note that your distributor & service center in Egypt is CIG
> fell free to call me any time on my mobile bellow
> +20108844555

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I'm sorry to hear that what happened to you,it's so boring.Without auto parts,everything will be in a trouble.Maybe you can buy some parts from others in china,and the prices are cheaper.our company is engaged in the export of auto spare parts such as chery,geely,great wall.If possible,pls contact me
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