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Not me.
The last thing I would do is buy a car from a dictatorship that kills political opposition and restricts human freedom.
Also I wouldn't buy same car if sold by another manufacturer, such a GM or Chrysler.

Josh (in Canada)

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Some new from our FAR SIDE here ,

DME ( Chery CKD Factory in Egypt ) has announced that there are 5 new MODELS from CHERY will be assembled in Egypt under the SPERANZA name and might be exported to eastern europe or middle eastern countries .

The 5 new models include a new SUV , 2 New Mini cars , a Sport Salon and a Luxury Sedane .

the same Naming will follow ( Chery A5 = Speranza A516 ( 16 = 1.6 L )
the Number 5 defines the car type/size
A620 = Chery OrientalSon 2.0

now here are some Names written on the walls of a local DME Speranza Dealer , which amazed me !!!

V525 ( V5 2.5L ??? )
A316 ( A3 1.6 ?? )
T250 ( Tiggo ? )

if this is true , than the A3 and V5 are more than Production Ready models !
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