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Chery Arrizo 7 "Ruizhen"

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The Chery A3 has been one of Chery’s big hits since it begun the restructuring of Chery group and split the brand into the Riich, Reely and Karry brands, Chery has continued to produce cars under the Chery name plate. The A3 will soon be joined by a larger model, named the A4. The A4 continues with the conservative styling of the A3 sedan but in a larger form, it is expected that the A4 will be riding on the same platform as the recently launched Riich G5, engine power might also be the same in the form of a 2.0TCI producing 170bhp. A set launch time has not yet been announced but it is expected that the A4 will be on the market by the second half of 2012.

Test mule:
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Re: 2012 Chery A4

Do I see similarities with the 3rd generaton Audi A4 Avant?
Chery M16

Another new Chery under development - M16 which uses the same platform as the Chery A3:

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Re: Chery M16

You had already opened a thread for it, including spy shots of a mule of the A4/M16 based on the A3/M11:
Re: 2012 Chery A4 (M16)

Chery replaced the interior before launch:

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Re: 2012 Chery A4 (M16)

Note new logo, the same as on the Tiggo TX at the Beijing Show.
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