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And Tokyo, Frankfurt, Paris, America, the Geneva car show, about 11 in 2006 On the 9th Beijing International Auto Exhibition to be held in the global auto industry giants as A-class car show, the world's leading auto manufacturers display new car maneuvers strength on the stage. 记者了解到,届时各大国际厂商高层将云集北京车展,并展出全球首发车型。This reporter has learned that when major international manufacturers will gather senior Beijing show, a display of the global launch vehicle.

从目前记者了解到的信息来看,在国内汽车企业方面,奇瑞汽车动作最大。Information learned from the reporter, in the car, the Chery Automobile greatest. 据奇瑞经销商透漏,奇瑞公司高层近日频繁出现在北京,并亲临北京国展中心查看场地。According to dealers disclosure of the CAC, though frequently appeared at the top recently, and to see in person, international exhibition center site. 记者获知,本次奇瑞汽车参展面积、展车数量将都可能大于往届参展规模,展台设计风格也将突破以往有较大变化。This reporter has learned that this Chery Automobile exhibitors area, the number of automobiles may be larger than previous exhibition scale, Booth design style will be a considerable change from the past, a breakthrough.

该经销商证实,奇瑞已经秘密向北京调配多达10款左右新车和发动机,其中部分车型首次亮相,而且全球首发的概念车型就多达3款。The certified dealers, though, has a secret deployment of up to 10% of new cars and engines. Some models debut, but the concept of global models on up to the first 3.

如果真如经销商所说,奇瑞公司很可能成为本次参展厂商中新车最多、概念车最多、风头最劲的参展厂商之一,甚至将盖过大部分国际厂商。If, as dealers said, though the company is very likely to become owners of new vehicles up to the exhibit, most concept cars, Show, one of the best of exhibitors manufacturers, and even overshadowed most international manufacturers.
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