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Chery cars to be offered in Europe under Dragon brand

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Re: Chery International Activities

A translated article from Autobild with Google Translate:

Cheap Three

The CAD importer China Automobile dares to deal with the models City, and Grand UFO liners on the German market. Let's go at Euro 8999 - the official go to the authorities but is still pending.

The Chinese come slowly, but they come - as the next in the character of the dragon. Under the label "Dragon", the Munich-CAD importer China Automobile Germany three in Germany previously unknown models. A small car with the name "City", an SUV under the name "Grand UFO" and a van, based on the name "Liner" listens. With information about details adheres CAD yet returned. It is clear that currently run last test for European approval in late November, the dragon the German road enrich picture. It could also until last January 2009, said spokeswoman Tatyana Podkatilow, the COC necessary papers were in any event, no problem. The Monarch had also claimed in BS4. Then, the middle-class Chinese but the EU standards of pedestrian protection missed, so he now only by individual acceptance may be admitted.

An SUV with five doors and 130 hp for less than 20,000 euros: How should the Grand Dragon UFO Kundenfang gehen.Vorgestellt had on the Chinese "new" vehicles already on the IAA 2007, then as a pre and with the notice, the cars would nor revised to German demands to be met. Initially Dragon is the smallest city with 3.70 meters in length. It is powered by a 1.3-liter four cylinder gasoline-powered, of the 83 hp. In addition, ABS and front airbags, a central locking with remote control, electric windows, power steering, Einparksensoren and rear air conditioning to fight a price of 8,999 euros. ESP does not exist, not even for the Grand UFO. The big unknown Fahrobjekt really makes no impression unknown, but reminiscent of the old Toyota RAV4. CAD grabs the Grand UFO in the category Softroader, in the base with front-wheel drive, it cost 19,900 euros. All-wheel there is an option under the hood werkelt a 2.4-liter four cylinder with 130 hp from Mitsubishi. Dragon, third in the league, the Greater Van-liners. He shares the engine with the Grand UFO, here was the engine, however, to a standard four-coupled automatic. Seven seats are at a price of 24,900 Euro Series, details still unclear.

PDF file with the technical specifications:
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Chery QQ6 as Dragon Jaggi to cost 6,999 EUR in Germany.

Nov. 14th, 2008 - German China Automobile Deutschland company has published an information about new range of models being produced by Chery Automobile. Cars are going to be offered in Europe under Dragon brand.

Cars are going to be offered in Europe under Dragon brand. Announced before Chery QQ6 (Jaggi) has joined following models: Chery A1 (known as City in Europe), V5 (Liner) and Tiggo (Grand Ufo). Thanks to basic price of 6,999 EUR, Chery QQ6 has chance to be the cheapest car in Europe. It will be offered with 1.3L 16V (83 hp and 114 Nm) engine, with Euro4 standard.

Importer explains, that prices of all models will be 30% to even 80% lower in Europe, because the are better finished and have better safety equippement. Karl Schlossl, CEO of China Automobile, expects that the company is to sell 5,000 - 10,000 units in 2009.

In the interview for Automotive News China, Chery spokesperson has denied the information about cooperation with European importer.

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I have already ordered a Dragon City a.k.a. Chery A1 in dark-blue with
1.3 Liter ACTECO-Engine and full equipment.


Thanks for information MCV87. We hope you'll share with us your experience with the car and post some pictures of your new ride. Hope it will serve you well.

When will you approximately get the car and how much did it cost you?
The car costs 12.990 Euro in Germany.
8.990 Euro is only a advertisment offer, which doesn´t include Airbags, Radio,
ABS + EBD, Reversing sensors etc.
I expect to get my new car in January.
By the way, it is possible to order every Chinese car, which is on the market, yet if you contact CAD in Munich.
Chery (Dragon) is the only brand in their showroom but if you want to have
e. g. a Roewe 550 or a Besturn B70 you can order the car and they will get it for you.
Hello MCV87, be very careful with paying money in advance. All these cars have no approval to be driven in Western Europe.
How are they going to get type approval for your Chery?
And the second thing: Chery doesn't know anything about this company. They probably buy the cars from an import-export company in China. What about guarantee, spare parts etc.?
Please keep us informed!
Greetings and success.
........Cars are going to be offered in Europe under Dragon brand. Announced before Chery QQ6 (Jaggi) has joined following models: Chery A1 (known as City in Europe), V5 (Liner) and Tiggo (Grand Ufo)..........
China Auto Deutschland is also offering the Feidie UFO... so the above "Grand Ufo" may be a confusion with that.

CAD is also selling Gonows and Shuanghuans, and as MCV87 says probably many more......
Hello Erik,

I would never pay anything in advance.
When I get my new Chery, I pay the first rate, because it´s a leasing car.
The contract is valid after receiving the car and after the first payment.
It is no problem to get a license for this car in Germany and also insurance is no problem, because the car is already in the lists of the major German insurance companies.
At least they know, that the car is on the market, soon.

Do you know what models of Chery will be in production by the end of 2009?
My favourite Chery is, of course, the A6 CC. *g*
Hello MCV87,
it is good that you are carefull.
They probably try to get a single type approval, which is easier to get in Germany than in other European countries.
Chery has an amazing number of cars under development:
1. the QQ Sport (or QQ5).
2. the Faira series of small cars shown at the Beijing Show 2008
3. a new A01 range of cars, of the Toyota Yaris size
4. the A13 (Storm2) range: sedan, hatchback, wagon, coupe
5. the B12 (Eastar 6) and B21 (A6) sedans
6. the SUV's Tiggo5 and Tiggo6
7. the Riich8 minibus series (swb, lwb, high roof)
8. the M11 (A3) series; notchback, hatchback
9. the Higgo2 (pickup) and Higgo3 (SUV)
10. the Q21 and Q22 minibuses
11. the Fulwin2, A6CC and M14 coupes and convertibles
12. the M21 sedan and hatchback
I don't know which car is in production at the end of 2009.
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i also considered to buy a Chery QQ Sport but I chose the A1, because
the Sport isn´t on the market, yet.
The other thing not to take a QQ 5 is, that I am a young man and the QQ 5 is rather a car for young girls.
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