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Chery Automobile customer care (Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad)

Chery was a very bad company & untrusted, I bought my car A516 in EGYPT & the main service center in egypt is not honest. In the service, the service center change the engine oil filter with a different one , not as the same one replaced, When I e-mailed chery for the technical support they did not answer me. I replaced the service center filter by one i bought it from the shop outside the service center . I send to chery the photos of the two filters showing the differnces between them, they did not answer me till now I do not know why, this is the customer care in a chineese company

There was two main differences , 1st = The service filter is shorter than the replaced filter by About 2cm,
2nd= the rubber seal diameter in the service filter is smaller than the one in the replaced filter.
So I send my mail to chery by photos & the great chineese company did not reply.
Any one want to see the photos , pls. send me your mail on [email protected]
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