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Chery A520 Automatic Tranmission Issue

i have the DP0 AL4 automatic transmission 2009 patch. and i faced overheating issue. the technician pulled out 2L from the gearbox.

but there's a recommendation to replace the DEXRON III based oil (Mobil ATF 320) with LT71141 based oil as Mannol AG52 or Mobil ATF LT71141 as this oil doesn't get hot as the Dexron III so it avoids the overheating issue.

I read about some piece in this early patch of DP0 getting affected by the high temperature of the DEXRON III based oil so Some use LT71141 based oil to extend its life span as the oil doesn't reach high degrees of temperature.

I'm worry because these are totally two different types and specs, so it can cause a huge mechanical problem to the gearbox if i used LT71141 oil.

My question is:
What should i do? replace the DEXRON III oil with LT71141 oil? or there's something more appropriate to to?
181 - 184 of 184 Posts
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