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Actually it's more complicated than what you might be seeing.

In a fatal crash, if the car's external structures are too strong and absord less energy, you could be in a world of shit 'coz the internal structure is always too week to sustain any major crash force which leads to a complete destruction of the internal space. The wheel, the gauge pedal everything's gonna be squeezed towards the occupant and kill him in no time.

But of course if in a minor accident, strong body wins with hands cuffed.

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yes, in Ukraine Chery is on aproax. 9 place in car brands sales.

1 Daewoo Lanos - Korean brand -made in Ukrauine or Poland for Ukraine
2 VAZ-012 - russian cars, assembled in Ukraine and Russia
3 Chevrolet Aveo -assembled in Ukraine
4. Chevrolet Lacceti -previously Daewoo Nubira 2 -assembled in Ukraine
5 Chevrolet NIVA Russian VAZ + GM brand
6 Zaz Slavuta -local brand - made in Ukraine
7 Skoda Oktavia Tour - Old model 1996-2006 - assembled in Ukraine
8 Mitsubishi Lancer 9
9 Chery Amulet (Flagcloud) A-11
Reputation the same as ws reputetion of Korean Cars 15 years ago -total shit, not a car at all, but sales ratings are growing with a high speed...
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