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Chery F11

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Well, before I donot let Erik show the picture F11 of chery!But now ,OK,LET US SEE:D :D :D ,welcome friends EMAIL to me [email protected]
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Hello Jetamr (Je t'aime...), yes, there we go: Chery F11

And what about this one:

Chery president Yin Tongyao admiring Laofans Chery F11 t-shirt....


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Wow, thats an ugly car. I guess it is quite original though. :lol:
LOL, what a horrible designed car that is:nono:
4*real*Made_in_China said:
Wow, thats an ugly car. I guess it is quite original though. :lol:

i think its real nice!!

and wow erik knows cherys about a major UPCOMING figure in the china auto world and china exec list
LOL thats funny Erik you wearing a tshirt of the F11 with Chery President :lol:

So is the F11 a luxury car ?
Is it D-Segment ?

I actually love the design :thumb: very original :nod:

I can see influence of Mercedes S-Class & VW Phaeton with a bit of Bentley in rear end, kudos to Chery I'm in love :p
picture looks photoshopped, i mean look at that door on the top right corner, why would this professional picture be taken with a door on the side?? the wheels and headlights also look unnatural. And did anyone notice that the licence plate looks like its totally cut and pasted?
chery f11, interior

Earlier this year, two interior pictures have been posted at
I show them here:

Phaeton, yes I think it is a very luxury car, probably D-segment.

GR8, I have never maintained that this is a professional photo.
I agree that the license plate is fake, when it is German as it is suggesting. There exists no German registration FE. But the license plate is probably to suggest a German standard car.
To my opinion, it is possible that it is a clay model.
But it is important enough to give an impression what direction Chery is thinking. According the latest information some restyling on the front has been done later.
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Nice interior :eek: :nod:

So is Chery planning to sell this under Chery badge or a new company ?

Are they planning to bring a Luxury brand similar to Acura (Honda), Infiniti (Nissan) & Lexus (Toyota) strategy ?
Even G

Even Geely has a luxury brand called Maple. The logo on the car looks like an 8. license plates with 88888 are popular in china.
must say the interior looks nice, the colour of the wood is to bright though, that needs to be looked at
It may have minor photoshopped elements but the basis of the photo looks to be real. The wall and doors behind the vehicle also seem to be consistant with other photos taken at the Pininfarina headquarters (however im not gonna go looking for any examples at the moment). I am gonna trust erik when he says that this gives us an idea of things to come from Chery. :thumb: Oh and if you have more photos or information feel free to post it as I am quite interested to find out more.
Chery to produce luxury sedan?

Chinese automaker Chery is planning to produce a luxury sedan. Codenamed "F11," the sedan could bow as early as 2009. However, the car will not be sold under the Chery brand. Engine choices for the F11 will include a 3.0 liter V6 and a 4.2 liter V8, both designed by Austria's engine manufacturer AVL.

According to Shanghai Securities News, the car will be named Xuanyuan in China and will compete with Lexus, Infiniti, Audi and BMW.

Chery has yet to confirm the report.
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It does have a bold, aggressive grille going for it!

It's gonna be sold in China as a Xuanyuan and it is going to face very, very stiff competition, indeed.
im pretty sure that photo is photoshopped cause i seen a photo similar to that about this new chery Asomthing with that very same black door in the back
only a concept~ 1st is to improve quality and set up a good brand
We had the item already last year in the forum:
Note that gr8 had the same opinion then! The picture is taken on the roof of a parking garage near the Pininfarina company in Turin, where Pininfarina takes a lot of concept pictures. It is an existing concept (so not fotoshopped), but the "German" registration is fancy.
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