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Chery in Russia

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Chery Coming to Russia, starting with 200$million plant

New $200M Car Plant in the Works

By Anna Smolchenko
Staff Writer

David Mcintyre / Bloomberg

Chery QQ model cars, which resemble GM Daewoo's Matiz model, awaiting customers at an auto market in Beijing.

Private car assembly company Avtotor said Tuesday it was building a new $200 million assembly plant in Kaliningrad that will have an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles.

Avtotor, which assembled over 16,000 cars at its existing plant last year, hopes to put the plant into production from 2007, Avtotor spokesman Vladimir Foshenko said by telephone.

A likely tenant for the new plant is Chinese carmaker Chery, Foshenko said, adding that Chery might also contribute to the cost of the new plant.

The companies' cooperation is likely to start as early as this year, when Avtotor begins making Chery models at its existing plant, he said. Avtotor already assembles models for carmakers including BMW and KIA. A final agreement between the companies will be signed in February, Foshenko said. Chery said the companies were in talks.

News of the new plant coincides with President Vladimir Putin's confirmation Tuesday that Russia was currently negotiating with 14 foreign carmakers to bring car production into the country.

Agreements had already been signed with six of the largest foreign makers, he said, according to information posted on the Kremlin web site. Commenting on a possible new automotive champion, an issue that has attracted a lot of recent media attention, Putin said a merger of AvtoVAZ, KamAZ and GAZ was "possible." The deal would be decided on by the companies' owners, he said. "If all the participants in this process come to the conclusion that such an alliance can help develop the Russian car industry, we will of course support such decisions. But we will not impose any decisions."

He said that state involvement at AvtoVAZ "wasn't bad" taking into consideration the carmaker's poor shape, but added that the state was not taking over the country's car industry.

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Russia: Chery claims title of fastest growing brand in first five months

According to a report carried by China's state media portal, XFN, Chery Automobile is claiming the title of the fastest growing OEM in Russia for the first five months of 2007.

Sales totalled 15,071 units as at 31 May, compared to 10,768 cars
Chery's production and sales do not stop in Russia.

April 3, 2008 - Chery Automobile has denied a recent Russian media report that Avtotor Group, Chery’s partner in Russia, announced they would stop assembling Chery brand vehicles from March 31 .

Jin Yibo, spokesman of Chery Automobile, said to yesterday, “Our company has not received any document about cooperation canceling from Avtotor. Chery’s project in Russia is being normally operated and Chery still has vehicle models assembled and produced in Avtotor.”

As Russia's economy is developing rapidly in recent years, and its domestic demand for vehicles is also increasing considerably. In 2007, Chery sold nearly 40,000 vehicles in Russia, a country that has become one of Chery’s most important overseas markets. “We have already expanded our portfolio of products in the Russian market from the original 3 models to the current 7. The newly introduced models have all earned the Russian GOST approval,” Jin Yibo said.

At last, Jin Yibo noted that Chery pays much attention to the growing market demand in Russia, and Chery will not withdraw but will further explore the Russian market.

Sooner or later Chery has to confront reality: Avtotor had to stop Chery. Avtotor is already in trouble as it received unfair advantages (compared to other carmakers). Avtotor is a basic screwdriver-operation, assembling cars using SKD method, but received tax breaks which are usually reserved for companies dealing with more advanced CKD method.
It seems Avtotor will be forced to have a yearly limit of just 25,000 cars - which means no more Chevrolet, no more Chery.
Have you heard of anything about this ?

China: Chery Automobile reportedly considering Russian plant acquisition
Yep, Chery is touring the region. My bet is that the company will take over the derelict Roslada plant in Syzran
New Chery vehicles in Russia.

6 june 2008 - Chery announces the launch of two new models of its new model lineup. Chery QQ6 sedan and Chery Kimo hatchback will take their place in a popular B-class.

Chery QQ6 sedan is presented with two engines – 1.1 and 1.3-liter which are manufactured in Germany. The car in a basic configuration is equipped with a full electronic package, central lock, signalization, board computer, an air conditioner, CD MP3-player with a USB. Besides, the basic configuration of QQ6 includes safety bags for the driver and a passenger, and ABS+EBD. The capacity of the luggage compartment is 350 liters.

The prices for Chery QQ6 sedan with a 1.1-liter engine start at RUR 263'500, with a 1.3-liter one – RUR 288'500.

Chery Kimo hatchback has the same number of options and systems and QQ6. The car looks European both inside and outside. It is understandable – the car is designed specially for the European market, North America and China. It was designed by Bertrone, and Italian designer company.

Kimo is quite spacious and convenient enough for four people, decoration materials are considerably better than in other Chinese models, and the luggage compartment which seems to be lacking has enough space for a sports bag and bags from the supermarket.

Chery Kimo is equipped with a 1.3-liter engine, it costs RUR 320'000, however, a cheaper modification will appear soon.

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wow nice dealership and the girls in the last pic look like they have no BRA or TOP! and are naked!
ye and is this Chery's ideas or the dealer's ideas

Russian Chicks with chinese cars kick ass!!!
Holy cow - those girls are definitely topless, with body paint... wow, only in Russia...

(I'm not complaining btw, just kind of shocked - it's a car introduction, not some artsy exhibit, so it's quite out of place - I like it nonetheless.)
Chery to partner with TagAZ for Russia market.

August 4, 2008 - After parting company with its former assembly partner Avtotor, Chinese carmaker Chery Auto has found a new partner, TagAZ, in Russia to assemble Chery vehicles for the Russian market and expects to sell at least 37,000 units in Russia this year, reported China Business New today.

Chery production at Avtotor was closed earlier this year, which significantly reduced the sales of Chery vehicles in Russia. Now the new partnership with TagAZ is expected to boost Chery's Russia sales in the second half to make up for its sales losses and equal last year's sales of 37,000 units by the end of this year. Chery is the biggest seller of Chinese vehicles in Russia.

Sources from Chery said that the company has reached a deal with Russia's Avtotor for assembling Chery cars for the Russian market, and the TagAZ facility will start this month to assemble three Chery models -- Chery Cowin, Chery A5 and Chery Tiggo. Currently, TagAZ is Chery's only one assembly partner in Russia.

Under the partnership deal, the TagAZ-assembled Chery Cowin and Chery A5 vehicles will be sold through TagAZ's network, while the TagAZ-assembled Giggo cars will be sold by Chery's subsidiary in Russia.

The Chery cars to be assembled in Russia will be based on auto parts provided by Chery, and based on the KD (knockdown kits) assemblage, Chery will expand its cooperation with TagAZ for further growth in Russia. And its local sourcing of auto parts will follow Russia's related requirements.

I hope Chery's own manufacturing plant will go into operation soon. Why not appoint more manufacturing factories, why just go with one in Russia ?

I also heard that the recent plummet in sales is due to the trade barriers to protect Russia's domestic producers and foreign investors from low cost imports.

So my guess is if Chery want to carry on healthily in Russia, it should open its own manufacturing plants and source from the local suppliers since the Russians seem to be waiting for investments not imports.
Chery cars will be produced in Uzbekistan. The project will start with three models

The production of Chery cars will be launched in Uzbekistan. Three models will be produced by the ADM Jizzakh plant in Jizzakh, owned by the local company Roodell.
Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Cloud

The models Are Tiggo 8 Pro Max, Tiggo 7 Pro and the Arrizo 6 Pro. Method is SKD.

Производство автомобилей Chery в Узбекистане: что уже известно - Китайские автомобили
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Chery cars will be produced in Uzbekistan. The project will start with three models

The production of Chery cars will be launched in Uzbekistan. Three models will be produced by the ADM Jizzakh plant in Jizzakh, owned by the local company Roodell.
The models Are Tiggo 8 Pro Max, Tiggo 7 Pro and the Arrizo 6 Pro. Method is SKD.
Производство автомобилей Chery в Узбекистане: что уже известно - Китайские автомобили
A plant for the production of cars of the Exeed brand was opened in Uzbekistan

Note that this is a factory owned by a different company and is situated in Sirdaryo city.
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