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runningdog said:
Just an observation from my smaller town in China. I think that the cheaper cars are selling more and more as the relative wealth of the car buyer is moving more middle class. The richer guys (and gals) already got their cars and could afford more expensive ones. Now others are buying but can't afford the more expensive models.

Also, not too many moving up to more luxury models yet and selling their old ones in the used market.

FWIW...from my town.
Quite right runningdog. Car ownership in China is still considered to be a status symbol. It is strongly associated with the idea of "face". Obviously the more affluent the person, or household, the higher grade the car is. The Chinese will compromise on living conditions and even food, but will put an extra $20K-$30K into buying a brand name (and the bigger the better).
For this reason, one can hardly see any Chery or Geely sedans in Shanghai, while in the more inland you travel in China the more common they appear on the roads.
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