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erik (laofan) said:
I made a list of the models discussed:
S12: (new name A1), designed by Bertone. We saw some prototypes, no production activity.
S21: (QQ6), designed by IAT, Japan. There was a pre-production in factory hall two. Some vehicles were in use as taxis, for test purposes.
S22: (new name V1), the mpv designed by IAT. Only some prototypes on the factory site.
S23: a mini-suv, designed by IAT. No pictures seen.
S24: a QQ coupe, also by IAT, we saw a drawing.
A18: (new name V2), the station wagon designed by Jiajing. Only some test models.
B12: (new name A7), will be produced from 2008/9, designed by Bertone. Only the power point pictures, already published in the forum.
B21: (new name A6), Chery’s big hope for the US, an all-wheeldrive V6 (3.0-litre) designed by Bertone. We have already some photos in the forum.
B22: (new name T3), a large SUV, from Pininfarina (?).
B23: the V8 coupe, already a photo in the forum this week, Bertone, 2009.
F11: high class limousine, V6/V8 (3.0/ 4.2-litre), they showed us several pictures of a car with a German (!!) license. Ready in 2009.
M11: (new name A3), a four-door hatchback, designed by Pininfarina.
M12: also a four-door hatchback, a bit bigger, also made by Pininfarina.
P11: The SUV this week new on internet (also shown in the forum), designed by IAT, for the US.
P12: the crew cab pickup, designed for the US by IAT. Pictures already since a longer period on the net, also in the forum.
H11: a big minibus, the size of the new Toyota Hi-Ace, especially for the US.
Does the letter designation (S#, A#, B#, F#, M#, P#, H#) for the prototypes tell about the chassis used in the model and does the letter designation for the final names symbolize the general body style of the finished product (V1 mpv, V2 station wagon, A7 sedan, A6 sedan)?

RCtennis3811 said:
1: "I heard you got a new car. What did you get?"
2: "An A6."
1: "Wow! You bought an Audi, huh? Congrats!"
2: "Oh, it's a Chery..."
1: "I understand - you must love your new Audi!"
2: "No, no. It's a Chery A6."
<awkward silence>
I agree with you, Chery defiantly needs new names for there production names, and if they actually premiere with those names Chery probably would be sued.

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erik (laofan) said:
First the question from DOS, if the numbers indicate anything about the used platforms. The answer is no.
I first must apologize if my question may have been somewhat confusing, but that is not what I was asking. Because as far as I am aware the S21 and the S22 both utilize the QQ platform, (Please correct me if I am wrong) I have assumed that all of the prototype’s with the S designation use the same platform, and that all prototypes designated with an A, B, F, M, or P, also will share a similar Chassis. Then when I looked through the model descriptions, I started to notice that similar body styles seemed to share letter designations, so I am asking about the method Chery has used to classify there prototypes and final models.
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