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Chery news

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go to my blog to see some pictures -----
"the celebration of chery's 500,000th car born"

Pictures are posted below also
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Pretty much the same~ it really starts to kick ass, CHERY.
10 years ago...1996 I was still in highschool. All I can remember is some crappy volkswagen dominating Chinese autoroutes.

Yeah, a lot Japanese cars too, like 1994 Toyota Camry, Toyota Crown, Nissan Cefiro, ...quite some Audi as well. Not to mention Mercedez and BMW.

Almost zero Korean cars.
Guangdong has a population greater than 100 million, it is the most populated province in China.

Guangdong is one of China's richest provinces along with Zhejiang, Jiangsu.
I feel so sorry for those kimchis.....:D

CHERY's gonna kick some serious asses in the near future.....
1 - 5 of 234 Posts