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go to my blog to see some pictures -----
"the celebration of chery's 500,000th car born"

Pictures are posted below also
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Chery a true trailblazer

Yes, we have to hand it to Chery; they are doing a great job of playing catch-up and who can blame them for a little piracy along the way. Of course an official voice like Xinhua, has to sing its praises even if not true to fact.

But I look forward to the day when China has the integrity not only to report the facts but to indict a top industry leader regardless of the economic consequences. Its next door neighbor is a model, but even it could not have done such a thing some 30 years ago.

Anyway it'll be useful for Chery to have an office in Shanghai for among other reasons to oversee the enormous logistics operations of getting the cars down the river and onto the trans ocean ships.

How much easier it is for SAIC to do that. Will we see another equity merger between the two down the road a bit??
biggest export market in 2005

Yes, Syria had been the biggest importer of Chinese cars Hazik, but if you figure in the "export-only" plant of Honda, in Guangzhou, in 2005 it became Belgium.

Last year 7,636 units were exported to Belgium, according to Auto Resources Asia. 7,476 were exported to Syria most of which were trucks says ARA.

In 2005 according to CAAM, total exports doubled to 172,639 units. Top exporters were FAW, Great Wall, and Jiangling. Others were Dongfeng, Beiqi Foton, Chang'an, Chery, and Geely.

Of this total export figure, sedans made up 19.5%, having increased 234% to 31,124. Another 60% were light trucks. I'm guessing that SUV's are included in the latter.
In 1997 Chery an independent state-owned company, was launched with financing by the Wuhu city and the Anhui Provincial goverments. Currently there are some minority stakeholders as well.

The People's Daily reported back in 2004 that sedans produced by Chery had been appointed for special use in the annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). So Chery is well connected in terms of state support.

But along with the trend toward privatization, Xinhua News Agency said on September 14,2006, that Chery is planning to launch an initial public offering (IPO) in 2007.

Yes Superidler, Chery has its factory headquarters in Wuhu city of Anhui Province. Anhui at one time was one of the poorest provinces of China. Yin Tongyao a native of Wuhu, and a former engineer with FAW-VW in Changchun as president of Chery, has become something of a folk hero in those parts.
1 - 3 of 234 Posts